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→ Deshaun Watson helps Clemson stay perfect with win at South Carolina

This game was a lot closer than I would have liked, but Clemson ended up with the win (and Deshaun definitely earned his helmet sticker). Now comes North Carolina on Saturday, and I could not be more scared for how that game will play out.

→ WWE Divas Pushing For The Women’s Championship To Return

Do something so that the “Divas” title is vacated before Wrestlemania and then have Sasha Banks win the “Women’s” title at Mania. No brainer.

→ Injury Update: Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski’s Knee Injury Not “Serious”

I’m going to continue holding my breath until Gronk’s back on the field.

→ Supergirl Gets An Additional Seven Episode Order

Cool. I don’t love the show, but I’m glad we’ll be getting a “full” season (20 episodes instead of the “standard” 22.)

→ I’m done with iCloud Photo Library

This is scary. As someone who values photos so highly, I’m not extra concerned about recommending Apple’s offering.

→ Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski is reportedly trying to trade Hanley Ramirez

I don’t really believe this. I think they at least wait to see him at first.

→ Reports: Justin Fuente to succeed Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech

No surprise here. This has been rumored for weeks.

I guess it helps the ACC is Va Tech is good again, but I haven’t missed having to beat them every year.

→ Supergirl To Meet Flash On CBS For May Sweeps Week?

Interesting. I hope this helps Supergirl in the ratings.

→ The NCAA finally frees prized Kansas freshman Cheick Diallo

It’s about time the NCAA decided on this.

→ WWE Raw’s Ratings Hit A New Low, With The Smallest Viewership Since 1997

Just keep doing what you’re doing, Vince. I’m sure people will eventually come around.

→ Clinging To Relevance, Yahoo Prevents Ad Block Users From Checking Yahoo Mail

Stay classy, Yahoo.

→ Report: Hanley Ramirez to play winter ball, get reps at first base

I hope this is a sign that he’s taking the upcoming season particularly seriously.

→ The two biggest winners of the offseason are Yoan Moncada’s biceps

I’m not sure how he’ll even swing a bat.

→ Utah State denies transfer permission to speak with any other schools

I can’t understand why, Coach Duryea sounds like a real stand up guy…

→ FOX Allegedly removes FANTASTIC FOUR 2 From 2017 Schedule?

Can’t imagine why…

→ AT&T, Verizon try to prevent ban on text message blocking

Shocking. I’m shocked.

→ Former WWE Diva A.J. Lee Just Landed Her First Book Deal

I miss AJ. I imagine I’ll be buying her book.

→ MLB In-Market Streaming a Small Step

As always, the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals games won’t be shown OVER 4 HOURS AWAY in North Carolina. What a disaster.

→ Is WWE Keeping A Healthy Daniel Bryan Out Of The Ring So He Doesn’t Mess Up Their Plans?

This sounds like a crazy conspiracy, but, sadly, I can’t bring myself to just dismiss it out of hand.

→ “Legends of Tomorrow” Targets January 2016 Premiere Date

I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.