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→ Jim Lee Dubs Harley Quinn ‘Fourth Pillar’ of DC Comics Line

If this is the case, why have then done so much messing with her character recently?

→ Harley Quinn’s Greatest Moments from “Batman: The Animated Series”

I’m starting to hear rumblings that they do a really good job with Harley in the Suicide Squad movie. That said, go watch some of the highlights of my Harley.

→ Suicide Squad To Receive An Injection Of Added Fun

This was a pre-mature April Fools joke, right? I mean, DC couldn’t have been that dumb when making this movie originally were they?

→ “Scalped” Pilot Gets a Greenlight on WGN

I loved the comic, but I’m not sure how well it will translate to a television show (especially one on network television.)

→ Justice League To Begin Shooting In April

Huh. So much for the rumors of this being cancelled.

→ The Flash Races To Supergirl In Crossover Event

Pretty cool. I’m glad they made this happen.

→ Agent Carter Delayed Thanks To Obama

Huge bummer.

→ Supergirl Gets An Additional Seven Episode Order

Cool. I don’t love the show, but I’m glad we’ll be getting a “full” season (20 episodes instead of the “standard” 22.)

→ Supergirl To Meet Flash On CBS For May Sweeps Week?

Interesting. I hope this helps Supergirl in the ratings.

→ FOX Allegedly removes FANTASTIC FOUR 2 From 2017 Schedule?

Can’t imagine why…

→ “Legends of Tomorrow” Targets January 2016 Premiere Date

I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.

→ Agent Carter Season to Premiere on January 5

I’m looking forward to this.

→ Marvel teases Civil War II in retailer mailing


→ NYCC ’15: Harley Quinn To Run For Mayor Of New York

She’s got my vote.

→ Justice League Dark Moves Forward With Producer Scott Rudin

Huh. I thought they were going to drop this idea.

→ Feige Confirms “Doctor Strange” Will Be An Origin Story

I am generally not a fan of origin stories, but I think it’s fine in this case.

→ First Look At Legends Of Tomorrow’s Hawkgirl and Hawkman

They look like Owlman from Watchmen’s kid brother and sister.

→ Eva Green, Sean Bean Rumored As Wonder Woman Villains

Eva Green should be the villain in every movie.

→ Feige escapes from Perlmutter’s rule as Marvel Studios restructures

I’ve never met either Feige or Perlmutter, but if the working relationship is as bad as reporter, it makes sense to get Feige (who has been the brains behind Marvel’s mega success in movies) away from Perlmutter.

→ Stephen Amell Takes To The Sky In His WWE Debut

Amell really did well and the match itself was super enjoyable. Well done, all around.