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→ Supergirl To Meet Flash On CBS For May Sweeps Week?

Interesting. I hope this helps Supergirl in the ratings.

→ SDCC ’15: Zoom To Be The Big Bad For The Flash Season 2

Interesting. I hope people will understand the differences between the various versions of the Reverse Flash.

→ SDCC’15: Flash And Arrow To Run Two-Parter In New Seasons With 8th Episode

No surprise here.

→ Hawkgirl, Other “Legends of Tomorrow” Stars to Appear in “The Flash” Season Finale

Really smart move by The CW.

→ Amazon tests Flash support for Kindle Fire as new tablets wait in the wings

Ugh. Why can’t Flash just go away.

→ Last Day of Flash for Android

I have always hoped that iOS’s lack of Flash support would speed up the end of Flash. Still, media companies will cling to Flash as long as they can, especially if HTML5 does not provide some kind of DRM for streaming video.

→ Flash is holding Back Chrome for Mac

How much longer do we have to keep Flash around?