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→ Report: GOTHAM CITY SIRENS Movie Reunites SUICIDE SQUAD Director & Star, DEADSHOT Solo Movie in the Works

Shrugging emoji.

→ Report: HARLEY QUINN Spinoff Film Lands Writer

Interesting. This article suggests it might be more of a “Bird of Prey”-like team up movie than a movie solely focused on Harley. I think I’m okay with that (?).

→ Marvel teases Civil War II in retailer mailing


→ SDCC: Joss Whedon Announces New Comic, Calls It His “Victorian, Female Batman”

Victorian, Female Batman? Are you kidding me? Sign me up.

→ SDCC ’15: Zoom To Be The Big Bad For The Flash Season 2

Interesting. I hope people will understand the differences between the various versions of the Reverse Flash.

→ SDCC: Artist Brings DC Comics to Life(size) in New LEGO Exhibit

These look really cool. I wish I was this good with legos.

→ Greg Rucka Enters The World Of Dragon Age

Greg Rucka writing a comic in the Dragon Age universe sounds awesome.

→ Nicola Scott And Greg Rucka’s Black Magick #ImageExpo – With 2 Issues In The Can!

A Greg Rucka book with Nicola Scott on art? Yes. Yes. 100 times, yes.

→ Agent Carter’s Showrunners, Tara Butters And Michele Fazekas, are the new writers on Captain Marvel

I’ve [already said] that I worry that whomever took over Captain Marvel would have to deal with tons of “Kelly Sue never would have done it that way.” I hope that people, after seeing how amazing Agent Carter was, will give Butters and Fazekas a chance.

→ Kelly Sue DeConnick Leaves Captain Marvel

There was a gasp in the room when she announced this.

Relatedly, I fear for the person who takes over the book. I think “he / she is no Kelly Sue” will be a common refrain, regardless of how good the book is.


Marvel Unlimited is such a good way to catch up on older comics, and they seem to keep making it better.

→ Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s Lazarus is getting a television adaptation

Good news for Greg. I hope it happens.

→ Breaking News: Supergirl is Cast!

Speaking of DC Comics tv shows, it looks like they’ve found their Supergirl^f4625].

→ ComiXology rumored to offer a DRM-Option to Publishers

This would be awesome, but I am not holding my breath.

→ I wish Mike Maihack had a full-length Batgirl and Supergirl Comic

His one page ones are always so great.

→ Ellen Page to star in “Queen & Country” adaptation

This news is a bit old now, but I was just going through my “to post” folder and wanted to make sure I put it on the site. I would love for this to happen.

→ Gerads and Edmondson to do a Punisher Book for Marvel

I am glad to see the team behind The Activity is getting a shot to bring their brand of storytelling to Marvel. Gerads’ art seems made for this book. I cannot wait.

→ Nathan Edmondson to Write a New Black Widow Series

This sounds right in Edmondson’s wheel house. I hope he knocks it out of the park.

→ iFanboy Update: After 13 Years It’s Finally Time To Scale Back

One of my favorite comic book websites and podcasts, iFanboy is scaling back to be just a podcast. I’m sure I will miss the site’s great, daily content, but I m happy that they are going to continue to do their weekly show. Good luck to Connor, Josh and Paul going forward, and thanks to you (and Ron) for the years of great entertainment.

→ Comic Industry Responds To Affleck As Batman

These are great.1 I especially like J. Torres:

I can think of worse things plaguing this planet than Ben Affleck as Batman. Jennifer Garner as Wonder Woman, for example.

  1. And, surprisingly, very tame.