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→ Greg Rucka Enters The World Of Dragon Age

Greg Rucka writing a comic in the Dragon Age universe sounds awesome.

→ Dark Horse Comics Comes To ComiXology!

I’m glad we could end up with one place to organize our digital comics, even if you can’t sync your Dark Horse collection to Comixology just yet.

→ Dark Horse To Publish A New Hellboy and BPRD Title

Speaking of Mike Mignola, it appears he is going to be doing a new Hellboy and BPRD series with Alex Maleev. Sign me up.

→ Dark Horse Comics Reveals 12 New Must-Read Creator-Owned Series

People like Matt Kindt, Brian Wood, Jeff Lemire, and Rafael Albuquerque are bringing new, creator-owned books to Dark Horse. Count me as “excited.”