I do not generally provide analysis of recent legal decisions or opinions on other legal issues on this website. To the extent my background and experience as an attorney colors my opinions or writing, this website is not intended as an advertisement for legal services. Please do not contact me through this website for legal services.

## Summary

The simple version of the disclaimer can be broken down into 3 parts:

1. This is **not** legal advice;

2. It **does not** establish an attorney-client relationship; and

3. This is **not advertising** for legal services.

## Details

As explained above in the Summary, the disclaimer has three parts:

### 1. This is not legal advice

Any postings I have made with analysis of past, current, or future legal issues should not be considered legal advice, especially for your specific legal issues. As you might expect, the law contains a number of nuances that can turn on the specific facts of a given situation. If you have legal questions, I suggest that you contact your attorney.

### 2. It does not establish an attorney-client relationship

My writing and your reading of this website does not establish an attorney-client relationship between us. Consequently, there are specific protections, such as those involving confidentially, that do not apply to our communications. Please do not send me confidential communications, or any other communications related to your legal issues, through the communication tools provided on this website. Instead, if you have legal issues or questions, I suggest you contact your attorney.

### 3. This is not advertising for legal services

This site is a way for me to track those stories I find interesting and to provide a record of my then-existing commentary on those stories. I have intentionally left out any link or reference to my current employment as an attorney, including but not limited to, the firm that I currently work for. If you have a legal issue or question, I suggest you contact your attorney.