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→ Report: GOTHAM CITY SIRENS Movie Reunites SUICIDE SQUAD Director & Star, DEADSHOT Solo Movie in the Works

Shrugging emoji.

→ Harley Quinn’s Greatest Moments from “Batman: The Animated Series”

I’m starting to hear rumblings that they do a really good job with Harley in the Suicide Squad movie. That said, go watch some of the highlights of my Harley.

→ Suicide Squad To Receive An Injection Of Added Fun

This was a pre-mature April Fools joke, right? I mean, DC couldn’t have been that dumb when making this movie originally were they?

→ They put the Suicide Squad Footage from ComiCon Online

It was silly for Warner Bros. to think this wouldn’t get out. Thankfully, they released a higher quality version.

As far as Harley Quinn goes…well…I just can’t get past her look. She sounds okay-ish, but the look just messes with me.

→ A Closer Look at Harley Quinn

Well, there we go. Harley is going to look…umm…I have no idea what this is.

UPDATE: There is another look at the bottom of this post.

→ Suicide Squad Group Photo Released

It’s tough to get a really good look at Harley, but this is pretty much what I expected. (Yes, that means I’m disappointed.)

→ Leto’s Joker Look In Suicide Squad Revealed By Ayer On Twitter

If this is what the Joker is going to look like, I do not have high hopes for Harley Quinn. sadface emoji.

→ “Suicide Squad’s” Harley Quinn Rumored To Have “Batman: TAS” Ties

They are setting me up to be so disappointed with this movie.

→ “Suicide Squad’s” Margot Robbie Says She Has to Do ‘Justice’ to Harley Quinn Role

At least Ms. Robbie is saying all the right things.

→ BREAKING: Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and more DC movies confirmed

I am not getting my hopes up that they’ll actually do a good job with Harley Quinn.