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→ Report: HARLEY QUINN Spinoff Film Lands Writer

Interesting. This article suggests it might be more of a “Bird of Prey”-like team up movie than a movie solely focused on Harley. I think I’m okay with that (?).

→ Jim Lee Dubs Harley Quinn ‘Fourth Pillar’ of DC Comics Line

If this is the case, why have then done so much messing with her character recently?

→ Harley Quinn’s Iconic Jester Suit Was Actually Made For “Suicide Squad”

Pics or it didn’t happen.

→ Suicide Squad To Receive An Injection Of Added Fun

This was a pre-mature April Fools joke, right? I mean, DC couldn’t have been that dumb when making this movie originally were they?

→ Justice League To Begin Shooting In April

Huh. So much for the rumors of this being cancelled.

→ The Flash Races To Supergirl In Crossover Event

Pretty cool. I’m glad they made this happen.

→ Supergirl To Meet Flash On CBS For May Sweeps Week?

Interesting. I hope this helps Supergirl in the ratings.

→ “Legends of Tomorrow” Targets January 2016 Premiere Date

I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.

→ NYCC ’15: Harley Quinn To Run For Mayor Of New York

She’s got my vote.

→ Justice League Dark Moves Forward With Producer Scott Rudin

Huh. I thought they were going to drop this idea.

→ Stephen Amell Is In Training For His WWE Debut At SummerSlam And Defending The Reality Of Wrestling

It really looks like Amell is taking this seriously. I hope he ends up having a decent match.

→ CW President Says DC Spin-Offs Stop With “Legends Of Tomorrow”

Even though CW has done them well, I imagine they don’t want to be completely dependent on DC Comics for show ideas. That said, are the CW’s original ideas really what drives the network? It seems like those normally make it 3-4 episodes before being cancelled.

→ Constantine’s “Arrow” Appearance Tied To White Canary’s Return

Interesting. I guess they really are going to resurrect Sara. I thought they were going to use time travel to pull her past self out of time.

→ FIRST LOOK: The Flash’s Jay Garrick

The CW just “gets it” as far as what comic fans want from these shows.

→ Breaking News: Matt Ryan’s Constantine Comes to Arrow

Interesting. I thought Ryan was pretty good in the role, so I’ll be interested to see what he can do with a better writing team behind him.

→ Jena Malone Rumored to be Barbara Gordon in Batman v. Superman

Interesting. I think I would have rather see her get introduced in her own film, but it looks like DC might be throwing everything in Batman v. Superman.

→ Chris Pine To Join Wonder Woman

I’m fine with this. I always seem to like Chris Pine.

→ Mark Hamill Reportedly Official for “Batman: The Killing Joke” Adaptation

If you’re going to do this story, than you have to have Hamill voice The Joker.

→ They put the Suicide Squad Footage from ComiCon Online

It was silly for Warner Bros. to think this wouldn’t get out. Thankfully, they released a higher quality version.

As far as Harley Quinn goes…well…I just can’t get past her look. She sounds okay-ish, but the look just messes with me.

→ SDCC: Stephen Amell’s New “Arrow” Costume Revealed

Huh. I think I’ll have to see this in action before I can give a final opinion.