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→ BARROWMAN Hired As Regular On All CW-DCU Shows – Including SUPERGIRL

More John Barrowman is always a good thing.

→ Stephen Amell Takes To The Sky In His WWE Debut

Amell really did well and the match itself was super enjoyable. Well done, all around.

→ Stephen Amell Is In Training For His WWE Debut At SummerSlam And Defending The Reality Of Wrestling

It really looks like Amell is taking this seriously. I hope he ends up having a decent match.

→ Constantine’s “Arrow” Appearance Tied To White Canary’s Return

Interesting. I guess they really are going to resurrect Sara. I thought they were going to use time travel to pull her past self out of time.

→ Breaking News: Matt Ryan’s Constantine Comes to Arrow

Interesting. I thought Ryan was pretty good in the role, so I’ll be interested to see what he can do with a better writing team behind him.

→ SDCC: Stephen Amell’s New “Arrow” Costume Revealed

Huh. I think I’ll have to see this in action before I can give a final opinion.

→ SDCC’15: Flash And Arrow To Run Two-Parter In New Seasons With 8th Episode

No surprise here.

→ SDCC ’15: Neal McDonough Joins Arrow Season 4 as Villain Damien Dahrk

I usually like Neal McDonough, so I assume I’ll like him in this role.

→ Stephen Amell is Quickly Becoming my Favorite Celebrity

He’s going to wrestle Stardust AND wants to sing the National Anthem at a Red Sox game? Awesome. (Yes, I know he’s Canadian, not a Red Sox fan, but still…)

→ Stephen Amell from Arrow to Wrestle Stardust at SummerSlam

Interesting. I hope they’re already practicing together to put on some kind of match.

→ DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

The Arrow / Flash spin-off series get a name and a trailer. Some interesting things, including an apparent use of the Lazarus Pits to raise Sara Lance from the dead. Also, RORY IS THE DOCTOR and THE ATOM SHRINKS. (I might be a little excited about this show.)

→ The CW unveils Brandon Routh’s Atom

I’m not blown away, but it doesn’t look too bad.

→ The New Black Canary Is Coming Soon

I know some people aren’t excited to see Laurel take up the Black Canary mantle, but I am cautiously optimistic that the show runners know what they are doing.

→ Meet Arrow’s Ra’s al Ghul

If they can get permission to use a Batman villain like Ra’s al Ghul, can’t they bring Harley to the small screen?

→ Casting Change On Arrow As Rila Fukushima Joins The Show as Katana

I was looking forward to seeing Devon Aoki, but I think Rila Fukushimra is going to be just as good in this role.

→ Brandon Routh cast as The Atom in Arrow

I love that they are developing rich world of superheroes over in the “Arrow-verse.”

→ Did Harley Quinn Just Get Added To The “Arrow”-verse?

“I want to manage expectations with respect to Harley Quinn,” Guggenheim told Collider in response to a question about using Batman characters now that “Gotham” has begun production. “She was always intended to be an Easter egg. I don’t want people to go in with incorrect expectations and walk away from Episode 16 disappointed. But there is an element to the Easter egg that was not spoiled by the promo, that I think people will find a lot of fun.”

It was a cool cool to hear Tara Strong’s voice on the show. At this point, I think I would be okay with the Arrow show runners bringing Harley Quinn to the show. At this point, I think that Harley in a show like Arrow is a lot more likely than her showing up in the new Justice League movie universe.

→ “The Flash” Gets Standalone Pilot instead of a Backdoor One In “Arrow”

Good news for further development in the DC Comics universe.

→ DC’s Royal Flush Gang To Resemble Version On Arrow TV Show

Lame. I really liked the old Royal Flush gang.

→ Trailer for Season 2 of Arrow

I still do not understand the whole Black Canary thing, when they are already have a Dinah Lance on the show, but the trailer looks pretty decent.