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→ WWE Women’s Tournament Announced

I hope this is as well done as the CWC (and I have faith that it will be.)

→ NXT Could Soon Air Live Each Week On The WWE Network

Interesting. Of course, this won’t really change my enjoyment of the show. It just seems like it will increase the cost it takes WWE to put it on.

→ Goldberg — Confirms He’ll Compete in Royal Rumble Match … “Everyone is Next!”

It still surreal that Goldberg is back wrestling like this.

→ Goldberg — Inked Deal to Appear in Royal Rumble Match Prior to Bout With Brock Lesnar

I guess this makes sense overall (more Goldberg, means more money for WWE), but watching it happen last night was crazy.

→ NXT Roster — Destroys Mannequin Challenge Competition at the Performance Center (VIDEO)

This is insane. Did they really hold all the poses that long or were special effects involved?

→ More Names Announced For New RAW-Exclusive Cruiserweight Division

Pretty impressive list (though Kota Ibushi & Zack Saber J.r are noticeably absent.)

→ Paige — Suspended on Her Birthday For Violating WWE Wellness Policy

I hope Paige comes back from this. I miss her in the title picture.

→ Nikki Bella Cleared by WWE Doctors

Too late for her to replace Eva Marie in the SummerSlam 6 man tag?

→ Amazing Sasha Banks GIF

Sasha is so great.

→ Sasha is the champ!

My favorite wrestler is the champion. That’s always fun.

→ UFC May Pay Back WWE For The Brock Lesnar Loan With Ronda Rousey At WrestleMania

Alternatively, I’ve heard WWE is interested in Paige VanZant.

→ American Alpha Might Be Making The Leap From NXT To WWE Very Soon

It would seem to make sense that American Alpha anchor the Tag Team division on one of the upcoming “brands”

→ Brock Lesnar Will Indeed Fight At UFC 200, His Opponent Will Be Named On Monday

Cool move by the WWE to let this happen. I hope they get a Rousey appearance or two out of it.

→ Vince McMahon Is Reportedly Losing Faith In Sasha Banks

I hope this is garbage. Sasha is the best thing about WWE (I have really toned down the amount I watch since she has been out while waiting for the summer.) Let’s hope she still gets her SummerSlam title run.

→ WWE’s Seth Rollins And Wesley Snipes Are Going To Be In A Movie Together And It’s Gonna Be Bananas

This is probably going to be campy as hell (but I bet I’m going to love it.)

→ Watch Lita Unveil The Brand New WWE Women’s Championship Belt

Great move by the WWE (and they picked a great former champion to announce it.)

→ TWB’s Number Wrestler of 2015: Sasha Banks

Sasha was the best. Everyone else was just trying for second place.

→ Daniel Bryan’s Emotional Retirement Speech Is What Makes Wrestling Great

I had to wait a few days before watching the speech, but it was pretty good once I built up the emotional resistance to give it a shot.

→ Daniel Bryan Just Announced His Retirement, And Nothing Is Okay Anymore

This is such a bummer.

→ Tyler Breeze Allegedly In WWE Doghouse

Ugh. Sometimes I just wish they could expand NXT and let these guys continue to excel there.