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→ John Cena’s Shoulder Surgery Was Successful, So Now He Can Hurry Up And Start Recovering

I hope the WWE uses this period without Cena to do something interesting. Based on the timing, I would think his big return would be at SummerSlam.

→ Breaking News: John Cena Undergoing Shoulder Surgery

Rut roh. Looks like things are about to get really interesting.

→ The Rock Just Confirmed An Appearance At WrestleMania 32

Finally…The Rock has come back to…error. Wait. He’s there every year…

→ Nikki Bella May Have To Retire Her Finisher Because Of The Damage It Did To Her Neck

I’m not the world’s biggest Nikki Bella fan, but I hope she recovers from this. Also, I’m going to miss seeing her do her finisher; it’s probably the best of any female in the WWE.

→ Brandon Stroud’s 10 Best Pro Wrestling Matches Of 2015

Pretty good list. I would have put Sasha v. Bailey from Brooklyn at 1, and bumped the Royal Rumble triple threat down to like 7 or 8, but, overall, it’s a pretty good list.

→ Sami Zayn returns at NXT Newcastle

I’m so ready to see Zayn wrestle on Wednesday.

→ WWE Continues To Tease Charlotte Heel Turn, Kevin Owens Back At RAW This Week

This makes sense. Turn Charlotte heel so that (face) Sasha Banks can chase her and win the title at Wrestlemania.

→ Sasha Banks to be on Renee Young’s WWE Network Show Wednesday

I’m going to have to check this out.

→ Paige Funko Coming To WWE.Com Wednesday!

I’m pumped about a Paige Funko, but I wish it wasn’t the exact same mode as AJ.

→ WWE Divas Pushing For The Women’s Championship To Return

Do something so that the “Divas” title is vacated before Wrestlemania and then have Sasha Banks win the “Women’s” title at Mania. No brainer.

→ WWE Raw’s Ratings Hit A New Low, With The Smallest Viewership Since 1997

Just keep doing what you’re doing, Vince. I’m sure people will eventually come around.

→ Former WWE Diva A.J. Lee Just Landed Her First Book Deal

I miss AJ. I imagine I’ll be buying her book.

→ Is WWE Keeping A Healthy Daniel Bryan Out Of The Ring So He Doesn’t Mess Up Their Plans?

This sounds like a crazy conspiracy, but, sadly, I can’t bring myself to just dismiss it out of hand.

→ This friendship is magic

I can’t believe Sasha will not be on the PPV tonight.

→ Rumor: Undertaker vs. John Cena Is Your Probable WrestleMania 32 Main Event

The only thing that would get me excited about this match is a John Cena heel turn.

→ Sailor Moon with Boss a.k.a. Sasha Banks on Xaxier Woods’ UpUpDwnDwn

If you didn’t already love Sasha Banks, listen to her matter-of-factly explain how she started attending online school so she could stay at home to help raise her brother while her mother worked. Sasha Banks is THE BEST.

→ Alberto Del Rio Just Made A Shocking Return To WWE At Hell In A Cell

I didn’t really see this coming (despite some rumors that WWE was looking to bring him back.) Most importnatly, I think I’m fine with him not being on Lucha Underground Season 2.

→ 10 Sasha Banks Theme Remixes, Mashups, And Covers To Get You Through The Rest Of Your Week

Do we really have to wait another month for Sasha to get the title? This is ridiculous.

→ Daniel Bryan Gives A Big Update On His WWE Future, Talks Trying Lucha Libre If He’s Not Cleared

I’m starting to come to the realization that I might have been my last Daniel Bryan match.

→ Sasha Banks and the New Day Play Rock Band

See more Rock Band fun here.

Oh, and watch Sasha dispose of Nikki Bella’s ridiculous Yankees cap as any good Bostonian should.