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→ Paige — Suspended on Her Birthday For Violating WWE Wellness Policy

I hope Paige comes back from this. I miss her in the title picture.

→ Paige Funko Coming To WWE.Com Wednesday!

I’m pumped about a Paige Funko, but I wish it wasn’t the exact same mode as AJ.

→ The Bellas And Paige Blasted Brooklyn For Their Reaction To Their Match On Last Night’s Raw

I think the Bellas and Paige were completely justified in their reactions. The Brooklyns fans were terrible. I understand arguments that part of the blame is on WWE’s booking team (and I don’t disagree with it), but that doesn’t excuse the Brooklyn fans’ conduct. I also approve of WWE’s approach to censor the broadcast on the West Coast feed. I feel like it’s the same as not giving recognition or tv time to someone who runs onto a field during a sporting event.

→ A brief Paige and AJ Reunion

I miss AJ.

→ Sweet (a Picture of Sasha Banks and Paige)

This is great. I cannot wait for a long Paige v. Sasha Banks program.

→ Friday Wrestling Conversation: What Do You Want For The Future Of WWE Divas?

Here’s my answer to With Spandex‘s question about what we want from the Divas Division:

  • 10+ minute matches on RAW each week featuring Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Paige, Bailey, etc…;

  • 20+ minute matches on PPVs featuring the same stars;

  • Storylines beyond “she’s crazy”; and

  • The fans to start really getting excited for Divas.

Then again, I probably could just sum things up by saying “ALL THE SASHA BANKS.”

→ Ronda Rousey Made The Rock Hold The Camera While She Took Photos With A.J. Lee And Paige

Speaking Ronda Rousey, this pic of her with me two favorite (non-NXT) WWE Divas is so good.

→ Paige (& Alicia Fox) Joining The Cast Of Total Divas

I hate that Paige being added to the cast means that I will probably watch.

→ AJ Lee scheduled to return to WWE during European Tour Next Month

I am so ready for the Paige v. AJ Lee feud. Bring it on.