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→ Former WWE Diva A.J. Lee Just Landed Her First Book Deal

I miss AJ. I imagine I’ll be buying her book.

→ A brief Paige and AJ Reunion

I miss AJ.

→ AJ Lee collaborates with Girls Make Games

I am still bummed that we won’t see AJ in the ring for a while,1 I am glad she is doing some cool stuff away from the ring.

  1. What? Let me dream of her actually coming back some day. 

→ 8 Things the WWE is Going to Miss about AJ Lee

I wish we could have gotten one last AJ v. Paige match to end AJ’s run.

→ Details On What May Have Led To AJ Lee’s Retirement, And When She Told WWE She Was Done

Kind of a bummer if this is why AJ decided to hang it up.

→ Friday Wrestling Conversation: What Do You Want For The Future Of WWE Divas?

Here’s my answer to With Spandex‘s question about what we want from the Divas Division:

  • 10+ minute matches on RAW each week featuring Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Paige, Bailey, etc…;

  • 20+ minute matches on PPVs featuring the same stars;

  • Storylines beyond “she’s crazy”; and

  • The fans to start really getting excited for Divas.

Then again, I probably could just sum things up by saying “ALL THE SASHA BANKS.”

→ Cageside Seats’ Column on AJ’s Retirement

Her childhood idol was Lita, and a good test to see if someone has a soul is to see if they feel something in their hearts when they find that video of a tear-struck and star-struck April Mendez, still a young girl, meeting Lita at a convention…and then Lita reaching across the table and giving her a hug.

If her book is full of moments like that, it might be a really good read.

→ AJ Lee Working On A New Book

I’m bummed that the only AJ exposure I’ll get going forward is her new book.

→ AJ Lee retires from WWE

What a huge bummer. I am really going to miss watching her wrestle.

→ Ronda Rousey Made The Rock Hold The Camera While She Took Photos With A.J. Lee And Paige

Speaking Ronda Rousey, this pic of her with me two favorite (non-NXT) WWE Divas is so good.

→ AJ Lee Is Done With WWE Following Survivor Series, Say The Same Old Rumors

I would be really bummed if AJ left the WWE. Of course, with Paige really developing, and Charlotte not too far off, I’d be less bummed than I would have been 3-4 months ago.

→ AJ Lee scheduled to return to WWE during European Tour Next Month

I am so ready for the Paige v. AJ Lee feud. Bring it on.

→ Why Batman always falls for bad Girls

I was hoping for more from this article. Of course, I probably just wanted them to take the route Grantland took in analyzing AJ Lee: guys dig the crazy chicks.