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→ Mark Hamill Reportedly Official for “Batman: The Killing Joke” Adaptation

If you’re going to do this story, than you have to have Hamill voice The Joker.

→ ▶ LEGO Dimensions – Doctor Who SDCC Trailer

Words cannot describe how amazing this trailer is.

→ The Voice of Batman versus the Voice of Superman

I finally got around to watching the episode of Tim Daly’s web series that guest starred Kevin Conroy. It was more amazing than I could have hoped.

→ Batkid Saves Gotham!

This was such a touching story. I hope they sell video of the whole day and give the proceeds to Make-A-Wish.

→ Comic Industry Responds To Affleck As Batman

These are great.1 I especially like J. Torres:

I can think of worse things plaguing this planet than Ben Affleck as Batman. Jennifer Garner as Wonder Woman, for example.

  1. And, surprisingly, very tame. 

→ Scott Snyder wants to Use Stephanie Brown

During today’s Batman panel:

Snyder said he really wants to use Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, but he can’t right now and there are no plans for them. He hopes that will change in the future.

Ugh. Again, I have no idea why DC has such an issue with bringing Stephanie Brown back.

→ Warner Bros. Announce Zack Snyder And David Goyer Writing Batman-Superman For 2014 Shoot

Wow. Talk about a major announcement. Now, the first question: Who plays Batman?

→ A.V Club’s Review of Batman: The Animated Series, “Girls’ Night Out”

One of my all-time favorite episodes of one of my all-time favorite shows.

→ Bankruptcy and the Dark Knight

There are, of course, some problems with this. One of the characters makes a passing suggestion that there might be something that could be done because the transactions were obviously fraudulent, but that it would take too much time. Why is never explained. Indeed, why trading did not instantly cease the second it became apparent that someone was actually storming the trading floor was never explained. The fact that someone had access to the trading desk explains how the put options could have been created in the first place, but it doesn’t explain why anyone thought for one second that they were real. An actual attack on the trading floor might well close the market for a day or two while damage is repaired and additional security installed.

I think I’ve been asked to explain the law around this about 3 or 4 times. I’m glad I can now just point people to this Law and the Multiverse article.

→ Official Map of Nolan’s Gotham City

In case you want to bring it to the movie with you and follow along.

→ DC Comics Begins Releasing Comics in iBooks

I’d stay away. I’ve downloaded a couple of comics in iBooks format and the reading experience has been just terrible. If they go Comixology, that might be an option.

→ Why Batman always falls for bad Girls

I was hoping for more from this article. Of course, I probably just wanted them to take the route Grantland took in analyzing AJ Lee: guys dig the crazy chicks.