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→ The Voice of Batman versus the Voice of Superman

I finally got around to watching the episode of Tim Daly’s web series that guest starred Kevin Conroy. It was more amazing than I could have hoped.

→ Superman Earth One and Twilight

What do you get when you combine Twilight and a classic superhero? The new Superman.

And by “new superman,” they mean a complete, unreadable piece of garbage about a hero that is in no way Superman

  1. Yeah, I am not a J. Michael Straczynski fan. 

→ Jeff Parker on Man of Steel

I cannot quote much of Mr. Parker’s review because it contains a lot of spoilers. Though I will quote the conclusion below, I encourage you to read the whole thing:

Ultimately, Superman as a character runs the risk that everyone projects something different into their idea of him. I don’t need all my childhood buttons pushed, I don’t need the S-curl in his hair to be there, I just need the story to work on its own merits. The audience I saw it with seemed satisfied, though I think a few cheer-out-loud moments could have been created with a little more thinking.

→ Mark Waid on the Man of Steel

The essential part of Superman that got lost in MAN OF STEEL, the fundamental break in trust between the movie and the audience, is that we don’t just want Superman to save us; we want him to protect us. He was okay at the former, but really, really lousy at the latter. Once he puts on that suit, everyone he bothers to help along the way is pretty much an afterthought, a fly ball he might as well shag since he’s flying past anyway, so what the hell. Where Christopher Reeve won me over with his portrayal was that his Superman clearly cared about everyone. Yes, this Superman cares in the abstract–he is willing to surrender to Zod to spare us–but the vibe I kept getting was that old Charles Schulz line: “I love mankind…it’s people I can’t stand.”

I enjoyed Man of Steel, but there was something about it that was missing. I think Waid nails what that missing component wis.