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As you can see below, the last post that I wrote on this site was in 2017. August 2017, as college football season was about to start. Honestly, I am not sure what occured around that time that made me stop writing, but I am pretty sure part of it was that I grew tired of just doing those link posts (which is mainly what the site had devolved into.)

Since then, most of my online “writing” has been on my Twitter page, or, if it was about Disney, at my Disney focus website Rope Drop [dot] Net. Recently, however, I started writing again over at (which, actually, used to be the domain of my photographer website…probably through about 2012-2013.) If you want to follow my writing, check me out at one of those places. For now, my plan is to just keep this site up as an archive of what I tried to do for a few years.

Other sites

→ Craft Beer Modernization Bill Filed in NC Legislature

If NC doesn’t do it, another state will. Might as well keep NC as a great place for craft beer.

→ North Carolina high school student banned from golf team for getting through school too quickly

This is NCAA levels of stupid. The North Carolina high school athletics commission should be ashamed.

→ Beer lover? “Hop on” this craft brew hotel experience

If they made one of these in Asheville it would already be booked for the next 3 years.

→ AT&T, Verizon try to prevent ban on text message blocking

Shocking. I’m shocked.

→ Chapel Hill Tom and Chee, and Raleigh Tyler’s Taproom close

Major bummer. I liked both of these places.

→ Rdio shutting down, and Pandora will buy its technology

This is a bummer. I really liked Rdio, but Spotify ended up interacting directly with apps like RunKeeper that I use all the time, so I switched. I imagine Apple Music helped speed Rdio’s collapse.

→ AB InBev/SABMiller agree to key terms of mega deal

That’s one way to try and react to the growing amount of craft beer options.

→ NCAA says daily fantasy participation could result in a year of lost eligibility

Not a surprise here. These “daily fantasy leagues” are gambling, plain and simple. At least the NCAA is evaluating this appropriately. The NFL and ESPN, meanwhile, talk about the “horrors” of gambling while having 3/4 of their programming sponsored by these ridiculous leagues.

→ Apple shooting to release car by 2019

As you might expect, I am interested in seeing what comes out of this.

→ Tips for People New to Slack

As more and more people start to use Slack to communicate, the tips in this article might be useful.

→ Celebrate the Art of Craft Beer

A cool guest post by Landon Biehl on NC Beer Guy discussing some of the reasons why people like craft beer. I admit, I am kind of a craft beer guy.

→ Optimus Prime Transforming Birthday Cake

This is amazing.

→ The Most “Timeless” Songs of All Time

This was really, really interesting.

→ Brett Terpstra gives some tips on how to Write Better Markdown

None of these are earth shattering, but I would recommend that anyone who writes Markdown take a look at them.

→ NC craft beer industry now tops in the South

The [original estimate 300 new job created by the craft beer industry] was off by 2,700 jobs. And that’s just the number working in North Carolina’s 132 craft breweries. If you add related jobs, including servers, delivery truck drivers, beer shop cashiers and hop and barley growers, Erik Lars Myers, president of the N.C. Craft Brewers Guild, says the number is closer to 10,000.

If you love craft beer, you really can’t do better than what we have in North Carolina.

→ ∞ Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with it

When one of the most popular Apple writers pens a piece like this, there are some real problems with the service. The more I read about it, the more I am glad I just stuck with Spotify.

→ Rise plans to open north Raleigh location

I think donuts and biscuits from Rise are delicious. I go there rarely, however, because the ordering experience (lines, structure of the queue, etc..) is horrific. I hope they fix that in this new location.

→ Raleigh Beer Garden and its 366 taps, now open

366 taps of beer on the wall, 366 taps of beer, take one down, pass it around…

→ New stuff from WWDC 2015

Great reference. Really well done.