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Rdio shutting down, and Pandora will buy its technology

This is a bummer. I really liked Rdio, but Spotify ended up interacting directly with apps like RunKeeper that I use all the time, so I switched. I imagine Apple Music helped speed Rdio’s collapse.


The Most “Timeless” Songs of All Time

This was really, really interesting.

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Pandora Paid Over $1,300 for 1 Million Plays, Not $16.89

Two things:

(1) I am not surprised at all that people would try to make it look like Pandora is treating artists poorly and/or not paying them significant royalties.[^fn1]

(2) The real problem in the model is not Pandora, but the fact that the record company gets 50% of the royalty Pandora pays. *That* is what has to change in this new economy.

[^fn1]: It is especially laughable when standard radio stations pay nothing.


The Ambivalent Person’s Guide to the Grammys

Maybe this will help me get through the telecast if I decide to actually watch the thing live.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: I generally prefer to DVR it and then just watch the 1 or 2 performances I actually find interesting.


A History of Dubsteb

At least once a month, my fiancĂ© and I argue over what “dubsteb” is. Hopefully this helps.