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→ ‘Star Wars’ fan walks to Comic-Con in full Stormtrooper regalia in memory of late wife

When Kevin Doyle’s wife Eileen passed away in November of 2012 from pancreatic cancer, he knew exactly how he planned to honor the self-proclaimed geek to this dork: he would walk the approximate 645-mile journey from the “Star Wars” museum Rancho Obi-Wan all the way to San Diego Comic-Con… in full Stormtrooper armor.

It’s getting a little dusty over here.

→ Joshua Topolsky Fired From Bloomberg

This is so weird. I hope he comes back to something I actually read.

→ Step Aside Black Friday – Meet Amazon’s Prime Day

Next week, Amazon turns 20 and on the eve of its birthday, the company introduces Prime Day, a global shopping event, offering more deals than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Austria.

Sounds intense.

→ Natty Greene’s closing Raleigh location

Bummer. I like that place.

→ Tom Holland Cast As Spider-Man, Directed By John Watts

Cool. I know nothing about either one of them, though.

→ Amazon Updates the Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has updated their Kindle Paperwhite model (the model I have currently) with a higher resolution screen and Amazon’s new “Bookerly” font. As someone who reads on his Kindle almost nightly, I find this to be a really interesting upgrade.1.

  1. The links to the Kindle itself are affiliate links. 

→ A Few Comments on Dutch’s Chain Restaurant Power Rankings

In no particular order (though kind of going down Dutch’s list):

  • I would have had Maggiano’s at 1.

  • I guess Cheesecake Factory is a good chain restaurant, but they just do nothing (outside of maybe cheesecake?) particularly well. If you have a 30 page menu, how can you expect to excel at one or two particular dishes?

  • I wish there was a Bertucci’s near us.

  • Red Lobster is terrible (NOTE: I grew up in Maine. I have certain “floor” as to how I’ll accept my seafood. Red Lobster falls below that floor.)

  • Bonefish Grill should be the top seafood place, and it should be slotted above Bertucci’s.

  • How many spots does Perkins gain because of the Tiger Woods story? I say at least 5.

  • If Johnny Rockets is on the list than Steak & Shake should be on the list. I’d slot Steak & Shake just below Perkins.

  • If Longhorn and Lone Star are on the list, why not Outback? I’d put Outback right above Red Lobster (though I might be biased because I know Elyssa loves it.)

  • California Pizza Kitchen should be on the list in the Perkins area as well. (NOTE: I can see leaving off Pizza Hut, but if Bertucci’s is on the list, CPK should be too.)

  • College town Hooters are usually better than “New England Airport Area” Hooters, but they’re still terrible.

If you don’t understand how my blog works, here are Dutch’s rankings.

→ HijiNKS ENSUE Is 8 Years Old, And It Is Ending

Wow. In the same year that Girls with Slingshots comes to an end, we see the end of Hijinks Ensure. It’s a bummer, since I was a huge fan of Joel’s comic, but, also, I feel like I had sort of lost interest in it. I’m not sure how much of that is because of the change in subject matter, and how much was because Joel said that the people that go to HeroesCon are “not his people”. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

→ Simmons to leave ESPN in September

Not shocking, but still surprising. (Wait, can that be a thing?) I am looking forward to seeing where he ends up, though.

→ It’s Time for Carolina to Shine (in Independent Wrestling)

North Carolina has been gaining a lot of notoriety in the last few years for good reason, and CWF Mid-Atlantic, along with Pro Wrestling Xperience and the resurgent OMEGA, has been at the forefront. Wrestlers like Cedric Alexander, Andrew Everett, and Trevor Lee, who have all made impacts in various promotions around the country, have set the stage for their brethren, and now the rest of the state gets a chance to show off. Stuff like this is part of the future of wrestling distribution. Get in on the ground floor now, especially from a promotion that has a lot to offer.

I live in North Carolina and have no idea about any of this. Does that make me a bad wrestling fan?

→ Why Brewgaloo is Great for North Carolina

I think Elyssa and I are going to check this out this weekend.

→ Daredevil Will Get A Season Two On Netflix With One Major Change

Not a surprise that Daredevil is getting a second season. It is a little bit of a surprise that they couldn’t schedule it so that same showrunner could handle the show.

→ Best Donut Shops in America

Local favorite Monuts made the list (though, I admit, I’m more of a Rise guy).

→ Craft Beer Line-Ups at All 30 MLB Stadiums – Eater

Information for life.

→ OS X Reviewed

It’s a bummer that we have read our last Siracusa review of Mac OS X, but we all thank John for all the work he’s done over the past 15 years.

→ DBAP to start brewing own beer

I’m up for having a nice “Lollygagger” while I’m at the game.

→ Why I Created Lore

Aaron Mahnke:

I believe people innately hunger for story. We enjoy a well-told, well-written tale. It allows us to escape for a moment and live in someone else’s world, a world where problems have solutions (most of the time) and  things make sense (again, mostly). Story is in our DNA and it’s our legacy. We evolved from knock-dragging cavemen into advanced cultures, in part, because we discovered the benefits of gathering around the fire at night and telling stories. Shared knowledge, shared experiences, communal narrative. It’s what makes us who we are.

Between this and Aubrey Sitterson’s Skald, I like the direction that podcasts are heading.

→ Someone is paying for Three Rivers Stadium website to keep living on web

This is kind of awesome. Part of me never wants to learn who is keeping the site alive.

→ Poll: FOX News most trusted network

I love this1: 29% of people trust FOX News the most, while 7% trust MSNBC the most. Hilarious.

  1. Mostly just because so many people complain about FOX News. 

→ A Pi Day That Comes Only Once a Century!

Hopefully, you celebrated a rather unique Pi Day.