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→ MLB sets attendance record in first two weeks of 2015 season

Baseball is dying.

→ Craft Beer Line-Ups at All 30 MLB Stadiums – Eater

Information for life.

→ Kris Bryant is putting the Cubs in a real tough position

I hope the Cubs keep him down in the minors to keep him from “Super Two” status, and end up missing the playoffs as a result.

→ Over/unders for all 30 MLB teams

“For entertainment purposes only.”

→ MLB Blackout Policy Under Attack In The Courts

A good summary of the current class action suit against MLB. It is not in-depth legal analysis, but it is good for getting you up to speed.

→ Rob Neyer Breaks down the History of the Tampa Bay Rays

In 2007, the Rays finished in last place with a worse record than that of the 2012 Royals; in 2008, the Rays played in the World Series. And the Rays did have a lot of young players in ’08.

I hate the Rays.

→ Discussion of Insurance and A-Rod’s Contract

However this plays out, the Yankees will still be on the hook for A-Rod’s salary, and all of it will be counted against the luxury tax.

That is my favorite part.