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→ Joe West suspended three games for calling Adrian Beltre MLB’s ‘biggest complainer’

Joe West getting suspended is long deserved. I’m not shedding a tear on this.

→ David Price gets ‘best-case scenario’ after second opinion; No surgery, will be shut down 7-10 days

This was worrisome. It still feels like we’re going to have a scenario where he needs some kind of “fix” before the end of the contract.

→ Dombrowski Ain’t F#$king Around: Sox Sign Sale, Thornburg, Moreland

I haven’t had time to fully process this. Losing Moncado feels like a blow, but Sale might be worth it? Dombrowski’s reputation, however, makes it feel like another “giving up too much of the future” to win now move.

→ Mookie Betts named best defensive player in baseball

Nice little feather in the cap for Mookie.

→ Mookie Betts wins Gold Glove

The future is bright the core of the Red Sox. Here’s hoping Dombrowski can put a complete team around them.

→ David Ortiz posts farewell letter to Red Sox Nation

Thank you, Papi.

→ David Ortiz starts emotional weekend with dramatic home run

I’m going to miss Big Papi so much.

→ Red Sox express disappointment in A.J. Preller’s punishment

The punishment is ridiculous for what he did. The Red Sox should be given the change to provide a lower quality prospect as a result of this fraud.

→ Video: Mookie Betts made a ridiculous throw last night

And I thought JBJ was the one with the arm.

→ Andrew Benintendi makes sure you’ll know his name after this insane catch

One of the benefits of the Red Sox scuffling this season has been Benintendi getting called up. He’s doing great so far.

→ MLB says managers need to cool it on arguing

Or, you know, the MLB could hire competent umpires instead of the jokers making all these horrible calls.

→ It’s Truck Day, Red Sox Nation!

Woo hoo!! It’s almost Spring Training!!

→ Mariners trade for Red Sox left-hander Wade Miley

The Red Sox get Carson Smith and left-hander Roenis Elias. Aaron Gleeman at Hardball Talk says the following about Smith and Elias:

Smith has quietly been one of the best setup men in baseball for the past two seasons, throwing 78 innings with a 2.07 ERA and 102/25 K/BB ratio. He’s another huge upgrade to a Boston bullpen that also added Craig Kimbrel to holdover Koji Uehara. Elias is a potentially useful 27-year-old starter, so the Red Sox seemingly did pretty well here.

→ Hanley Ramirez says he’s ready for life as Red Sox first baseman

It’s so hard to believe Ramirez is really some kind of “clubhouse cancer”, when he always seems to be doing and saying the right thing. I really hope the transition to first base works out for him (and the Sox.)

→ David Price says he’s been saving postseason wins for the Red Sox

Pretty good answer to a question that you knew would be asked.

→ David Price is worth a $217 million deal

I agree with Greenberg.

→ Report: Red Sox sign David Price

Is it baseball season, yet?

→ Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski is reportedly trying to trade Hanley Ramirez

I don’t really believe this. I think they at least wait to see him at first.

→ Report: Hanley Ramirez to play winter ball, get reps at first base

I hope this is a sign that he’s taking the upcoming season particularly seriously.

→ The two biggest winners of the offseason are Yoan Moncada’s biceps

I’m not sure how he’ll even swing a bat.