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→ Hanley Ramirez says he’s ready for life as Red Sox first baseman

It’s so hard to believe Ramirez is really some kind of “clubhouse cancer”, when he always seems to be doing and saying the right thing. I really hope the transition to first base works out for him (and the Sox.)

→ Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski is reportedly trying to trade Hanley Ramirez

I don’t really believe this. I think they at least wait to see him at first.

→ Report: Hanley Ramirez to play winter ball, get reps at first base

I hope this is a sign that he’s taking the upcoming season particularly seriously.

→ Hanley Ramirez suggests he’s ready to start life as first baseman

I would assume transitioning to first base will go better than his transition to the outfield went.

→ Hanley Ramirez, Left Fielder, is no more

Not a surprise, considering how much a disaster this was. The question is: Will he be the regular first baseman next year or will the Red Sox go “all in” with youth and go with Travis Shaw instead? (Based on rumblings about new President Dombrowski, I would think Shaw is someone the Sox would like to trade for pitching.)

→ Starting over: Hanley Ramirez works out at first base

Hanley was a disaster in the outfield, so I’m not really surprised by this (especially after the Sox moved Napoli.) I figure he’ll be able to adjust to this position just fine.

→ Red Sox going after both Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez

I’m sure this make sense in some way I don’t understand.