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→ Clemson’s Dabo Swinney gets 8-year extension worth over $50 million

Winning national titles gets you paid.

→ Dr. Saturday’s 2017 Top 25 Countdown: No. 6 Clemson

It’s almost time!

→ Joe West suspended three games for calling Adrian Beltre MLB’s ‘biggest complainer’

Joe West getting suspended is long deserved. I’m not shedding a tear on this.

→ Report: Red Sox owners prohibited Dave Dombrowski from dealing top prospects at the deadline

If true, this is amazing.

→ How Clemson saved $1 million in coaches’ bonuses

Very smart, guys. Well done.

→ Clemson Softball Provides New Direction for Clemson Athletics to Grow

I probably would have gone to a game or two if this were around when I was there.

→ North Carolina high school student banned from golf team for getting through school too quickly

This is NCAA levels of stupid. The North Carolina high school athletics commission should be ashamed.

→ Clemson adds National Championship over Alabama to football graveyard

I love it.

→ Justin Jackson named ACC Player of the Year

Congratulations to Justin. I knew he had a great year, but I didn’t know it was that good.

→ David Price gets ‘best-case scenario’ after second opinion; No surgery, will be shut down 7-10 days

This was worrisome. It still feels like we’re going to have a scenario where he needs some kind of “fix” before the end of the contract.

→ Twitter reactions to Deshaun Watson’s combine performance

No surprise here. Deshaun has been great for years.

Clemson’s 2017 Football Schedule

Though I’m still basking in the glow of Clemson’s national title victory), Clemson’s 2017 schedule has been released. After a warm-up on September 2nd against Kent State, Clemson’s welcomes Auburn on September 9th (which should give us a good idea of the 2017 Tigers).

Clemon’s ACC opener comes next and its against Louisville on September 16. This is kind of a bummer since it doesn’t give Clemson much time to adjust to life without Deshuan Watson. (As a side note, Louisville plays Carolina the week before.)

Major remaining games include at Virginia Tech on September 30, home against Florida State on November 11, and at South Carolina on November 25th.

Should be an interesting year.

→ Dombrowski Ain’t F#$king Around: Sox Sign Sale, Thornburg, Moreland

I haven’t had time to fully process this. Losing Moncado feels like a blow, but Sale might be worth it? Dombrowski’s reputation, however, makes it feel like another “giving up too much of the future” to win now move.

→ Mookie Betts named best defensive player in baseball

Nice little feather in the cap for Mookie.

→ Mookie Betts wins Gold Glove

The future is bright the core of the Red Sox. Here’s hoping Dombrowski can put a complete team around them.

→ Clemson’s Watson, Gallman and others ‘planning on moving on’ to NFL in 2017

Make this season count, then.

→ A.J. Green embarrasses Darrelle Revis all day long in Bengals’ win

“Revis Island” seems like a pretty comfortable place to be these days.

→ NFL, NFLPA officially launch investigation into Cam Newton’s medical treatment

“After getting crushed in the media for 2 days, we’ve decided we should probably look into this…” – A person familiar with the matter.

→ Video: Mookie Betts made a ridiculous throw last night

And I thought JBJ was the one with the arm.

→ Andrew Benintendi makes sure you’ll know his name after this insane catch

One of the benefits of the Red Sox scuffling this season has been Benintendi getting called up. He’s doing great so far.