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→ Justin Jackson named ACC Player of the Year

Congratulations to Justin. I knew he had a great year, but I didn’t know it was that good.

→ Buzzer-beater against UNC gives Shaka Smart first big win at Texas

I would always prefer that Carolina (unless they’re playing Clemson), but I am glad that Shaka is starting to really get his Texas kids to buy in.

→ This is Marcus Paige…

This is pretty awesome.

→ Kentucky, North Carolina alumni put on a show

This sounds so cool. I wish I could have gone.

→ UNC Announces Roy Williams Contract Extension

Part of me thinks this is a sign that UNC isn’t particularly concerned about the pending NCAA allegations.

→ Four Things We Learned From the NOA

The TarHeel Blog has an excellent write up on the NCAA’s NOA. I especially like this point from Item 4:

Charging the academic side with LOIC is the right call but is kind of virgin territory for the NCAA and getting into a member institution’s academic affairs is generally a place where the NCAA does not tread.

Exactly. It’s not something the NCAA should be sticking its nose into at all.

→ Report: UNC finalizing Roy Williams’ extension

I guess the Carolina brass wasn’t too shaken by the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations.

→ North Carolina releases NCAA’s Notice of Allegations

I agree with Jeff Eisenberg on this particular point:

Since the allegations against North Carolina are so broad rather than sport-specific, it’s unclear how the school’s football and men’s basketball programs will be affected. There’s no pertinent case for the NCAA’s committee on infractions to use as a model as it determines penalties, so it could come down to a gut feeling from members of the committee.

I assume the NCAA will pull a Roger Goodell and come up with some ridiculous punishment. It will be even worse, though, since this kind of academic issue should be completely out of the NCAA’s area of enforcement.

→ Tarheel Blog’s Player Review: Marcus Paige

Paige’s season can be defined almost entirely by the presence or absence of the aforementioned inflammation in the foot. When he had it, he was a shell of the player we saw last season; when he (finally) didn’t, he was brilliant.

If he’s healthy next year, he could have a really special season.

→ Tar Heel Blog’s Player Review: Justin Jackson

I was really impressed with how Jackson developed over the year. I think he’s doing to do big things next year.

→ Tar Heel Blog Player Review: Kennedy Meeks

But as strong as his first third of the season was, the final two-thirds of the season was marked by inconsistency and illness. Over the last 25 games, Meeks only posted two more double-doubles (both against NC State) and played 22 minutes or less 10 times. As the season wore on, Meeks seemed to stay on the wrong side of healthy and missed the ACC Tournament opener against Boston College. Despite his weight loss, Meeks seemed to hit a wall for the final 10 games of the year, only scoring in double figures once.

“Inconsistent” is exactly how I would describe Meeks’ play this season. It was a little disappointing, since many people (myself included) thought he was going to have a monster year.

→ UNC 2014-15 Season Highlights Video

If you’re a Carolina fan, you’ve been waiting for this.

→ Marcus Paige is Returning

I didn’t really think there was a chance he would go to the NBA, but I am glad this is official.

→ Dean Smith Will Included $200 for Each of His Players

One last sign of the man Dean Smith was.

→ Don’t Run on Roy

It is too bad we cannot get more games like this. It was so fun to watch teams go at each other at this pace.

→ Roy Williams to North Carolina fans: ‘We need some dadgum help.’

I feel little sympathy for Coach Williams when Carolina has consistently jammed its student fans into horrible locations around the arena. If Ole Roy wants to have better fan interaction with the game, he should make the first 5 rows of seats–ALL AROUND THE ARENA–into student seating.

→ Tale of the Tape: UNC vs Duke

Big game tomorrow night. Hopefully, the Heels can at least keep it close.

→ UNC forward J.P. Tokoto brings stuffed bear, Gerry, to press conference

Sounds like Gerry needs to meet up with Fenway.

→ Tale of the Tape: UNC vs Louisville

Huge game for Carolina. Beating Louisville would be a strong sign they’re not very far behind the Duke / Virginia tier of the ACC.

→ Caller to Fedora’s Radio Show Predicts Win over GT

I believe “Roy from Chapel Hill” had this one.