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→ North Carolina releases NCAA’s Notice of Allegations

I agree with Jeff Eisenberg on this particular point:

Since the allegations against North Carolina are so broad rather than sport-specific, it’s unclear how the school’s football and men’s basketball programs will be affected. There’s no pertinent case for the NCAA’s committee on infractions to use as a model as it determines penalties, so it could come down to a gut feeling from members of the committee.

I assume the NCAA will pull a Roger Goodell and come up with some ridiculous punishment. It will be even worse, though, since this kind of academic issue should be completely out of the NCAA’s area of enforcement.

→ Dean Smith Will Included $200 for Each of His Players

One last sign of the man Dean Smith was.

→ Comedian John Oliver calls out Clemson’s Dabo Swinney’s during NCAA rant

It wasn’t so great to see my undergrad and law school alma maters get called out on HBO.

→ New Beer Bars Coming to Raleigh

Important information for the upcoming year.

→ Caller to Fedora’s Radio Show Predicts Win over GT

I believe “Roy from Chapel Hill” had this one.

→ UNC Announces Wainstein Report Will Be Released on Wednesday

Get your popcorn ready.

→ UNC Health Care didn’t take patient appointments immediately before and during North Carolina’s game Thursday night

This is a complete non-story that is getting ridiculously blown out of proportion. There was no way people could have easily gotten to appointments on Thursday, the hospital knew this a year ago and scheduled accordingly. It’s ridiculous how quickly people will try to jump on any sniff of a rumor about college sports and their importance at universities.

→ PJ Hairston Practicing with the Team

Glad to hear it. I hope PJ can put the off-season behind him, and just play basketball.

→ North Carolina’s Roy Williams comes to the aid of a woman with a brain tumor

Jeff Eisenberg writing at Yahoo:

Spreading word via flyers and social media that Williams might attend helped Telman transform a small-scale fundraiser into a meaningful one. Three times as many people agreed to walk or run as initially expected and the event raised more than $28,000, nearly tripling the already wildly optimistic target Telman had set for herself when she came up with the idea a few days earlier.

Well done Coach Roy. Well done.

→ Carolina baseball vs. LSU today at 3pm

Carolina fights for its College World Series life. Between this and the Sox game starting in a couple of minutes, it is a good day for afternoon baseball watching.

→ Giovani Bernard Wins it for Carolina

What a way to beat the “other” in-state rival.