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→ NCAA’s decision to rule Army veteran ineligible defies common sense

This is just outrageous. The NCAA is such a ridiculous organization. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I can’t wait for the next round of conference re-alignment and the big conferences to tell the NCAA to pound sand.

→ The NCAA finally frees prized Kansas freshman Cheick Diallo

It’s about time the NCAA decided on this.

→ Utah State denies transfer permission to speak with any other schools

I can’t understand why, Coach Duryea sounds like a real stand up guy…

→ For the Love of God, Bring Back the EA Sports ‘NCAA Football’ Games

All the issues with player payment aside, I really miss this game. (And, yes, I no I just dismissed a major, major issue with 7 words, but…ummm…nevermind.)

→ North Carolina releases NCAA’s Notice of Allegations

I agree with Jeff Eisenberg on this particular point:

Since the allegations against North Carolina are so broad rather than sport-specific, it’s unclear how the school’s football and men’s basketball programs will be affected. There’s no pertinent case for the NCAA’s committee on infractions to use as a model as it determines penalties, so it could come down to a gut feeling from members of the committee.

I assume the NCAA will pull a Roger Goodell and come up with some ridiculous punishment. It will be even worse, though, since this kind of academic issue should be completely out of the NCAA’s area of enforcement.

→ NCAA flexes muscle by ridiculously reprimanding UConn for Mo’ne Davis call – Yahoo Sports

The NCAA is ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder of they are just trying to punk us by being this stupid.

→ Another Example of Ridiculousness Treatment of College Athletes

Kansas State has thus far refused to release [basketball player, Leticia] Romero from her scholarship, which means she can’t receive financial aid from any other Division I institution for at least a year. The Kansas State athletic department has mostly refused to explain itself, on account of “student-privacy concerns.” That excuse would make more sense if someone had told Romero why the university is blocking her release. The player says she hasn’t gotten any explanation at all.

Just disgraceful. Kansas State should be ashamed.

→ NCAA comes to its senses, restores Nathan Harries’ fourth year of eligibility

Sometimes, the NCAA makes a decision so stupid, it does not wait even 24 hours before reversing it.

→ Pat Forde on the NCAA’s reduction of Penn State’s Penalties

But it's also significant news that the NCAA has rapidly amended its biggest ruling since giving SMU football the death penalty in the 1980s. Call it what you will, but I will call it this: tacit admission that what it did to Penn State was too much, too far outside the association's protocol and too damaging to a school that has rid itself of everyone associated with the Sandusky scandal.

This is Forde at his best: crushing the NCAA for its stupidity.

→ Deadspin highlights the Most Important Part of SI’s Oklahoma State Shamestravaganza

Two Things:

  1. Deadspin's headline is great.
  2. Most of the money spent in this “scandal” is so that kids could eat something other than cafeteria food. It shows how ridiculous the NCAA rules are sometimes.

→ NCAA bans the use of hashtags on the field

As always, the NCAA proves it is a complete joke. Hopefully, the college football playoff is the first step toward getting rid of it.

→ ‘The Daily Show’ is the latest to pile on the NCAA and its ridiculousness (Video)

I am not a big fan of The Daily Show, but they do a fabulous job showing ridiculous and hypocritical the NCAA is.

→ Pat Forde Comments on NCAA President Mark Emmert’s Latest Press Conference

In the end, the only thing missing from Mark Emmert’s Final Four meeting with the media was Jay Bilas firing a tranquilizer dart into the NCAA president’s neck, felling him on the spot, then posing for pictures over the carcass.

Again, why does Mr. Emmert still have this job?

→ Translating NCAA President Mark Emmert’s Press Conference

Just unbelievable. How does he still have this job?

→ Ten teams with the potential to win it all: Why they can and why they can’t

Kyle Ringo with a pretty good summary on some of the favorites to win the title. I still am not sure who I am going to pick.

→ NCAA Tournament First Round Schedule

For some reason, this schedule was really hard to find. Thankfully, the guys at Rush the Court put it all together.1 Some of the games I am looking forward to:

  • Bucknell v. Butler – 12:40pm Thursday, TruTV.

  • Davidson v. Marquette – Approximately 3:15p,2 Thursday, TruTV.

  • Oregon v. Oklahoma St. – Approximately 4:30pm Thursday, TNT

  • Belmont v. Arizona – 7:20pm Thursday, TNT.

  • Carolina v. Villanova – 7:20pm Friday, TNT

  1. This is technically the “First and Second” round, but I refuse to call the play-in games the “first round.” 

  2. In other words, after the Bucknell-Butler game ends. 

→ The Hypocrisy of the NCAA

Dana O’Neil writing at

In October, the NCAA passed legislation that essentially says head coaches are going to be held accountable for the actions of their assistants.

Yet on Monday, when the NCAA announced the findings of an external review of its enforcement staff and its actions involving the University of Miami case, NCAA president Mark Emmert made it clear that the buck stopped well short of his office door.

Who did not see this coming? The NCAA has been a joke for some time, but it has been especially bad under Emmert’s leadership:

So far on Emmert’s watch, the NCAA has bungled and fumbled multiple investigations (Cam Newton, Shabazz Muhammad and now Miami); fired two NCAA investigators; saw the exits of two enforcement administrators (director of enforcement Bill Benjamin resigned in June, just eight months after taking the job); and gone well outside of its own rulebook and sidestepped due process to punish Penn State, which generated a lawsuit from none other than the state of Pennsylvania.

What a disaster1

  1. In addition to Ms. O’Neil’s excellent article recounting Emmert’s tenure, David Steele has an article at Sporting News that talks about how university presidents can, and should, remove Emmert from office. Of course, there is always the original article by Taylor Branch detailing what is wrong with the NCAA. 

→ Charlie Pierce on the NCAA’s Mishandling of the Miami Investigation

Mr. Pierce gives the rundown1:

Last week, we learned that NCAA investigators pole-vaulted over the line of legal propriety by obtaining information from a bankruptcy proceeding that had nothing to do with the association. According to a source who spoke to ESPN’s Joe Schad, the NCAA provided Shapiro’s attorney with questions to ask on its behalf. The attorney sent the NCAA a bill, because that is what attorneys do. (The lawyer also speculated that the NCAA might be trying to torpedo its own case, which seems unlikely, but who in the hell knows at this point.) And, in the Beyond, William Blackstone suffers a brief bout of projectile vomiting and takes to his bed.

(This, of course, comes after a story in the Los Angeles Times in November that embarrassed the NCAA in its pursuit of UCLA basketball player Shabazz Muhammad when a lawyer — and do try to keep up here — sent an e-mail to the NCAA saying that she had heard the boyfriend of an NCAA investigator talking loudly on an airplane about his inamorata’s opinion that Muhammad was guilty, guilty, GUILTY! The attorney was concerned that the NCAA may have prejudged the case, probably because the attorney is unaware that prejudging cases, by god, is the NCAA’s job. The only thing this particular circus is missing is calliope music.)

and then brings the hammer:

The NCAA enforcement has no legal authority. In its behavior in this case, it has shown that the ethical foundation of its enforcement apparatus is, at best, crumbling. This is no longer an organization that has the essential moral credibility to screw up anyone’s life. Its Inner Authoritarian deserves the hook.

Great read2. Highly recommended.

  1. In case you’re unfamilar 

  2. And not just because it points some of the major things wrong with the NCAA. 

→ “Improper Conduct” by the NCAA During its Investigation into Miami

The NCAA has found what it calls “improper conduct” committed by former members of its own enforcement program during the Miami investigation, and will not deliver the long-awaited notice of allegations against the Hurricanes until an external review is completed.

The NCAA is a disaster. As I have said before, Division I schools forming mega-conferences and deciding to withdraw themselves from the NCAA cannot come soon enough.

→ Broken foot may end Lehigh star C.J. McCollum’s college career

Just awful1. I hope it does not end up costing him too many spots in the NBA draft.

  1. It is also an example people will point to when they say they are going to enter the draft early.