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→ Pat Forde says that the Pac-12 will be the Best Conference in College Football

Interesting argument from one of the better writers in College Football. Good coaches + Good QBs = Success. Personally, I wouldn’t mind someone knocking the SEC down a peg or two.

→ Pat Forde breaks down college basketball’s most intriguing nonconference games

You might want to take a few minutes and just add all of these to your calendar. The action starts tonight with an amazing double header: Kansas v. Duke and Kentucky v. Michigan State.

→ Pat Forde on the NCAA’s reduction of Penn State’s Penalties

But it's also significant news that the NCAA has rapidly amended its biggest ruling since giving SMU football the death penalty in the 1980s. Call it what you will, but I will call it this: tacit admission that what it did to Penn State was too much, too far outside the association's protocol and too damaging to a school that has rid itself of everyone associated with the Sandusky scandal.

This is Forde at his best: crushing the NCAA for its stupidity.

→ Pat Forde Reviews the developing P.J. Hariston Situation

When one of the top college basketball writers in the country is starting to cover this story, I start to get really nervous.

→ Pat Forde Breaks Down the Upcoming Penn State Penalties

To be sure, this is a situation that by itself has broken the college sports scandal mold. We’ve never had a story this sickening. We’ve never had an NCAA case involving a sexual predator and a school that simply shrugged at his horrifying behavior. We’re in new, stomach-turning territory.

I particularly like Pat Forde’s point that NCAA should not be involved in this at all:

Fact is, I don’t trust Emmert or anyone else at the NCAA to deliver a punishment that fits the crimes of Jerry Sandusky and those who enabled him. As I’ve stated repeatedly, this is no place for the NCAA and its manual. This is for the criminal and civil courts to decide – and, if Penn State has the leadership and the courage, the school itself.