→ NCAA Tournament First Round Schedule

For some reason, this schedule was really hard to find. Thankfully, the guys at Rush the Court put it all together.1 Some of the games I am looking forward to:

  • Bucknell v. Butler – 12:40pm Thursday, TruTV.

  • Davidson v. Marquette – Approximately 3:15p,2 Thursday, TruTV.

  • Oregon v. Oklahoma St. – Approximately 4:30pm Thursday, TNT

  • Belmont v. Arizona – 7:20pm Thursday, TNT.

  • Carolina v. Villanova – 7:20pm Friday, TNT

  1. This is technically the “First and Second” round, but I refuse to call the play-in games the “first round.” 

  2. In other words, after the Bucknell-Butler game ends.