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→ Import Your Vesper Notes Into Ulysses

I never used Vesper (because it didn’t have sync or a Mac version), but if you did, this is a good way to make the switch.

→ Is iPhone 6s faster than a Mac

I feel like this is more to this than the graphs indicate. I look forward to someone (read: not me) explaining what is is “off” about this comparison.

→ Tips for People New to Slack

As more and more people start to use Slack to communicate, the tips in this article might be useful.

→ Reeder 3 for Mac Beta is now Available

It’s only the first beta, but if you’re a fan of Reeder, you’re going to want to at least take a look.

→ ∞ Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with it

When one of the most popular Apple writers pens a piece like this, there are some real problems with the service. The more I read about it, the more I am glad I just stuck with Spotify.

→ Ben Brooks on how he uses Due for Short Term Memory

I use Due1 almost the same way as Ben does: When I have a task that I need to get completed. I have it set to pop up a modal window every minute until I get the task done.

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→ For the Love of God, Bring Back the EA Sports ‘NCAA Football’ Games

All the issues with player payment aside, I really miss this game. (And, yes, I no I just dismissed a major, major issue with 7 words, but…ummm…nevermind.)

→ Apple Prevents App Store Reviews From Users on iOS 9 Betas

It took a little longer than I would have liked, but this is the right decision.

→ Recovering deleted iCloud Drive files

I didn’t realize this was possible, but I am glad it is.

→ New stuff from WWDC 2015

Great reference. Really well done.

→ On Negative App Store Reviews During Betas of iOS and OS X

As a (former?) developer, this is so frustrating. People on the beta versions of the OS should not be allowed to leave reviews.

→ Do a little dance, make a Master Password

A cute, little video from Jonathan Mann about how to choose a master password for 1Password on iOS or Mac.1 Of course, I still prefer another one of Jonathan’s songs to this one.

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→ Apple Music, iTunes Match, and DRM

David Sparks on Apple Music and iTunes Match:

The problem arises when you first set up iCloud Music Library and it overlaps with your prior iTunes Match tracks (that you presumably purchased and should be DRM free). Early tests, including this one from Kirk McElhearn, are indicating some of your iTunes Match tracks are getting DRM applied to them when they shouldn’t.

This whole interaction really scares me. It is why I probably won’t even give Apple Music a try for a couple of months.

→ iOS, OS X, music, Swift, and more: What you should know before WWDC next week

Ars Technica breaks down everything you might want to know heading into the Apple Keynote next week.

→ Scott Kelby is Dumping My Apple Watch

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Apple wants you to charge your watch at night.

  • Apple wants you to charge your watch every night.

  • Scott didn’t like to watch his watch at night, every night.

  • Scott’s watch couldn’t make it through the day.

This doesn’t mean that the watch is a “bad” product, or that Scott isn’t “using his watch right”, but it does mean that the Apple Watch isn’t for him.

→ AJ Lee collaborates with Girls Make Games

I am still bummed that we won’t see AJ in the ring for a while,1 I am glad she is doing some cool stuff away from the ring.

  1. What? Let me dream of her actually coming back some day. 

→ Adobe Releases Lightroom CC

The announcement was just 10 minutes ago, so I have not had a chance to play with it yet. I anticipate I’ll write something more in-depth over at

→ OS X Reviewed

It’s a bummer that we have read our last Siracusa review of Mac OS X, but we all thank John for all the work he’s done over the past 15 years.

→ Fantastical 2 for Mac Now Available

The gang over at Flexibits released Fantastical 21. Unlike the previous version of Fantastical, which is more of a menubar utility, this version is a full featured calendar app.

Jason Snell and Federico Vitcci have already posted reviews.

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→ Ulysses for iPad now Available

My favorite writing app for Mac1, Ulysses, now has an iPad version2. I’ve been on the beta for this app for the past couple of months and have written everything from blog posts, to contracts, to full legal briefs in it. It’s everything you love about Ulysses but in a much more portable format. Highly recommended.3

  1. Version 2.0 of the Mac App is also available today in the Mac App Store

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  3. Ben Brooks also has a review if you want more information.