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Getting an App Store Refund

I’m glad they ended up making this easier.

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Ben Brooks on how he uses Due for Short Term Memory

I use [Due]([^f1453] almost the same way as Ben does: When I have a task that I *need* to get completed. I have it set to pop up a modal window every minute until I get the task done.

[^f1453]: Affiliate link.

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Apple Prevents App Store Reviews From Users on iOS 9 Betas

It took a little longer than I would have liked, but this is the right decision.

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Fantastical 2 for Mac Now Available

The gang over at Flexibits released [Fantastical 2]([^f5051]. Unlike the previous version of Fantastical, which is more of a menubar utility, this version is a full featured calendar app.

[Jason Snell]( and [Federico Vitcci]( have already posted reviews.

[^f5051]: Affiliate Link (as is the post link.0

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Ulysses for iPad now Available

My favorite writing app for Mac[^note], *Ulysses*, now has an [iPad version]([^f3651]. I’ve been on the beta for this app for the past couple of months and have written everything from blog posts, to contracts, to full legal briefs in it. It’s everything you love about *Ulysses* but in a much more portable format. Highly recommended.[^f3816]

[^f3816]: Ben Brooks [also has a review]( if you want more information.

[^f3651]: Affiliate Link (as is the post link and other app links in this post).

[^note]: Version 2.0 of the Mac App is also [available today in the Mac App Store](

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New Disney Side App Transforms You Into Disney Parks Characters

The app is pretty fun to play with.

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A review of the Omni Group’s 2014 and our plans for 2015

OmniOutliner is coming to iPhone!! Woo hoo!!

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Transmit is coming to iOS

If this kind of app is possible in iOS 8, I have a feeling that release is going be a proverbial “game changer.”

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Helpful Tweaks for Facebook’s new Paper App

These tweaks has made it pretty easy for me to replace the regular Facebook app with the new Paper interface. I am still getting used to the gestures, but I think I like it a lot more than the old app.

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Gabe at MacDrift Takes a Look at Mr. Reader for iPad

In a sponsored post on *MacDrifter*, Gabe shows the power of my favorite iPad RSS reader, [Mr. Reader]([^f4236].

If you like what you see in Gabe’s post, I also recommend checking out Federico’s tips for [creating custom Mr. Reader actions and services](

[^f4236]: Affiliate Link

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“AppSanta” Provides Discounts on High Quality iOS Apps

Some of the developers behind some of the best apps for iOS have combined forces to bring us [AppSanta](), a special Christmas sale. Apps included in the sale are:[^f4305]

* [DayOne](

* [Delivery Status](

* [Perfect Weather](

* [Vesper](

* [Tweetbot](

* [Scanner Pro](

* [PDF Converter](

* [PCalc](

* [Screens VNC](

* [Calendars 5](

* [Printer Pro](

* [Mileage Log](

* [Clear+](

* [1Password](

* [Launch Center Pro](

[^f4305]: All links are affiliate links.

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‘Knock’ App Lets You Unlock Your Mac Simply By Knocking On Your iPhone

Speaking of gimmicks, I just bought this. It works just as advertised.

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The Verge’s Story about the End of Everpix

Casey Newton chronicles the rise and fall of *Everpix*, a great service for backing up and remembering your photos:

> The immediate concern in the room was a forthcoming bill from Amazon Web Services, which hosts the 400 million photos stored with Everpix; the team estimated the bill would be about $35,000. “Our AWS bill is going to be due on the third. We’re not going to be able to pay,” said Pierre-Olivier Latour, who had the idea for Everpix four years ago after a vacation left him struggling to organize the hundreds of photos he took on the trip. Behind him, a poster advertised San Francisco’s minimum wage of $10.55 an hour, which he had been paying his employees for the past month. “Amazon is going to reach out to us saying, ‘Your card doesn’t work.'” He paused. “So that’s going to be fun.”

> …

> The [Everpix] software was fast, the design was clean, and the service was simple to use. “The best part about Everpix may be its ‘set it and forget it’ nature,” TechCrunch noted at the time. “After the one-time installation and configuration, there’s nothing else you have to do.” To the team’s surprise, Everpix became a finalist at the competition. (They lost the $50,000 first prize to Shaker, a bizarre kind of Second Life-meets-Facebook social network that raised $15 million and hasn’t been heard from in a year.)

> …

> Unfortunately for Everpix, they went out to raise money in the midst of what has become known as “the series A crunch.” The number of initial (or “seed”) investments has increased dramatically in the past few years, while series A investments have plateaued. Many investors remain willing to write a $100,000 check to see if a startup becomes an overnight success. But when it comes time to write a $1 million check, or a $5 million check, they have become much more selective.

> …

> The founders acknowledge they made mistakes along the way. They spent too much time on the product and not enough time on growth and distribution. The first pitch deck they put together for investors was mediocre. They began marketing too late. They failed to effectively position themselves against giants like Apple and Google, who offer fairly robust — and mostly free — Everpix alternatives. And while the product wasn’t particularly difficult to use, it did have a learning curve and required a commitment to entrust an unknown startup with your life’s memories — a hard sell that Everpix never got around to making much easier.

It is disappointing to see just how the machines of Silicon Valley drive you to either play the VC game fully or try to build a business without any of their help. In this case, it appears the founders of Everpix tried to do a little of both and it burned them. I hope [Loom]( sticks around a little longer.


Poster Updated for iOS 7

Federico has the news:

To my surprise, the app – which was pulled from the App Store after the acquisition – has been updated to version 3.0 this week, adding iOS 7 compatibility and fixes. There are no new notable additions, but the entire Poster UI has been updated for iOS 7 and there is a new line height option in the preview menu; Witkin got rid of textures and iOS 6-style buttons, adding subtle animations for navigation and other menus. It's still the same Poster, only with an iOS 7 interface and less crashes.

However, the bad news is that, because the app isn't available on the App Store anymore, only old customers can download the updated version. If you bought Poster in the past, open the App Store, find the Purchased section, and look for Poster; tap Open/Download, and the app should be reinstalled with the new version 3.0 that Witkin made for iOS 7.

Talk about a cool, unexpected, surprise.

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Fantastical 2 for iOS Now Available in the App Store

The updated version of Fantastical is [now available in the App Store]([^fn1]. It is available for a launch-day sale price of $2.99.

[^fn1]: Affiliate Link (as is the post link.)

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Ulysses III Updated

My favorite app for writing long form pieces in Markdown, [Ulysses III](,[^fn1] has just been updated with some great new features.[^fn2] I highly recommend giving it a shot.

[^fn1]: Affiliate Link (as is the post link).

[^fn2]: My personal favorites are upgraded Microsoft Word export, global search, and auto-completing tags.

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Tweetbot 3 is Available Now

Tweetbot 3 is [now available in the App Store]([^fn1]. It is a separate app from the previous version and costs $2.99.

[^fn1]: Affiliate Link (as is the post link)

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Clark Goble explains why iWork 13 is a Huge Regression

This is a major bummer. I was hoping *this* would be the release that really started a push to replace Microsoft Word.

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Launch Center Pro 2.0 for iOS 7 Now Available

One of the most useful apps for the iPhone has now been updated to work with iOS7. It is available in the App Store1 and is a free upgrade for owners of the original Launch Center Pro.

  1. Affiliate Link (as is the post link.) 

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Flickr update brings Auto Upload to iOS 7

There are so many places that allow you to automatically upload and backup your photo now. As people are taking more and more pictures, that is a welcome development.