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→ Advanced Mark as Read Options in Mr. Reader

Wow. I had no idea these options existed. I have been looking for a good way to “Mark items older than 2 weeks as Read” since FeedWrangler first started. Well done, Mr. Reader. 1

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→ Gabe at MacDrift Takes a Look at Mr. Reader for iPad

In a sponsored post on MacDrifter, Gabe shows the power of my favorite iPad RSS reader, Mr. Reader1.

If you like what you see in Gabe’s post, I also recommend checking out Federico’s tips for creating custom Mr. Reader actions and services.

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→ Mr. Reader Updated to Version 3.0

My favorite RSS reader for iPad, Mr. Reader, has just received an iOS 7 update. This means a slick new look and background downloads. It is available in the App Store for $3.991.

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→ Mr. Reader 2.0 for iOS Now Available with Google Reader Alternatives

One of the most popular RSS readers for iOS, Mr. Reader1, has just been updated to sync with a variety of Google Reader alternatives, including:

  • Feed Wrangler2

  • Fever

  • Feedbin

  • Feedly

  • FeedHQ

  • BazQuz Reader

Mr. Reader 2.0 appears to be a free upgrade for existing users, and the developers have posted a FAQ on their website that gives detail on some of the changes.

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  2. My choice to replace Google Reader.