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→ Ulysses for iPad now Available

My favorite writing app for Mac1, Ulysses, now has an iPad version2. I’ve been on the beta for this app for the past couple of months and have written everything from blog posts, to contracts, to full legal briefs in it. It’s everything you love about Ulysses but in a much more portable format. Highly recommended.3

  1. Version 2.0 of the Mac App is also available today in the Mac App Store

  2. Affiliate Link (as is the post link and other app links in this post). 

  3. Ben Brooks also has a review if you want more information. 

→ Gabe at MacDrift Takes a Look at Mr. Reader for iPad

In a sponsored post on MacDrifter, Gabe shows the power of my favorite iPad RSS reader, Mr. Reader1.

If you like what you see in Gabe’s post, I also recommend checking out Federico’s tips for creating custom Mr. Reader actions and services.

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→ Federico Viticci’s New Book on Writing with Editorial on the iPad

Federico has a new iBook on writing with Editorial on the iPad1. As someone who has completely moved my iPad writing workflow over to Editorial, I was pleased to find some new tricks that help make the app even more powerful.

For $2.99, this book is a no-brainer for anyone who uses Editorial2, as well as anyone who wants to help support Federico and the great work that he does.

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  2. Seriously, it is worth the $2.99 for the Feed Wrangler workflow alone. 

→ Clemson football taking advantage of new iPads

It seems like the legal world is the only place that cannot let go of binders full of paper.

→ iPad in Real Life: Erik Hess, F-5N Tiger II Pilot

This is just so frakkin’ cool.

→ Free iPad Versions of Various Federal Rules

I wish they supported North Carolina.

(via Lawyerist)

→ The Verge Reviews iPad Keyboard Options

My fiancĂ© has been looking into getting a keyboard for her iPad. I use the Apple Wireless Keyboard with an Origami Case, but that can be a little bulky. Based on the options presented here, it looks she’ll end up choosing either the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover or a ZAGGfolio.

→ Amazon Instant Video for iPad

Amazon wants you to buy their content, regardless of where you end up watching it.

→ Tampa Bay Doing Away with its iPad Playbooks

Why? The players kept forgetting to charge them.

→ iPad’s Revolutionizing NFL Playbooks

No big deal, they’re just consuming the playbook anyway.

→ Definitive Take on the IPad Junior

John Gruber at his best.

(“iPad Junior” name via Dan Benjamin of 5by5. Probably not the actual name of the product.)

iOS Default Apps

Last week, John Gruber, had a series of posts on Apple not allowing iOS users to set the default browser or mail application on their devices. I agree with what Mr. Gruber says and I, personally, wish that I could set Sparrow1 as my default mail application. Until then, my “workaround” is to run the default mail application to notify me of new emails and then open Sparrow to do that actual email processing.

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The First Release from Bungie Aerospace

It was on June 30th of this year, that Bungie announced its new Aerospace imprint. Bungie Aerospace is a partnership effort between Bungie and mobile / social developers designed to allow independent mobile developers to utilize Bungie’s resource sources. Now, about 2 months after that announcement, Bungie announced the first came from the imprint: Crimson: Steam Pirates. The game runs on the iPad and promises:

turn-based gameplay coupled with a “mystery” that, as mysteries are wont to do, needs uncovering, Crimson: Steam Pirates certainly has presentation in the bag.

Best of all? The game download is free and comes with the first 8 chapters of gameplay. The second group of eight chapters will cost $1.99.