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Getting an App Store Refund

I’m glad they ended up making this easier.

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Ulysses for iPad now Available

My favorite writing app for Mac[^note], *Ulysses*, now has an [iPad version]([^f3651]. I’ve been on the beta for this app for the past couple of months and have written everything from blog posts, to contracts, to full legal briefs in it. It’s everything you love about *Ulysses* but in a much more portable format. Highly recommended.[^f3816]

[^f3816]: Ben Brooks [also has a review]( if you want more information.

[^f3651]: Affiliate Link (as is the post link and other app links in this post).

[^note]: Version 2.0 of the Mac App is also [available today in the Mac App Store](

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The other side of the “Rate my App” plea

There has to be a better way to get reviews for apps than those annoying pop-ups.

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Tweetbot 3 is Available Now

Tweetbot 3 is [now available in the App Store]([^fn1]. It is a separate app from the previous version and costs $2.99.

[^fn1]: Affiliate Link (as is the post link)

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Downloading Old Versions From the App Store

Michael Tsai asks some really good questions about Apple allowing you to download old app versions from the app store. It will be interesting to see how some of these play out.

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David Smith on iOS In-App Purchases

I really like David’s take and his recommendations. I would like to add one more recommendation: **Remove apps with In-App purchases from the “Top Free Apps” listing.** I do not care if they are listed in some new category, but they should not be listed with apps that are actually free. Being listed there just gives them a change to sucker more people into buying costly in-app purchases.

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Some Great iOS Apps, Currently Free

A list of great apps that are currently free[^fn1].

[^fn1]: It appears to be related to Apple’s App Store being 5 years old. There also appears to be some confusion as to if that is *really* the reason.


An Analysis of “Raise Your Prices”

Another really smart piece over at Clark’s Tech Blog:

> So we have a broad market and the traditional solutions don’t seem to work. Simply saying, “raise your prices,” really doesn’t cut it. The current iOS marketplace (and probably a growing percent of the MAS) depend upon people trying by buying. That is your revenue is subsidized by people who purchase but never really use your software. Once you raise your prices you lose a lot of that subsidy. Which means you really need to have a solid understanding of your market, your users, and how to get them. That’s not at all easy.

Having a solid understanding of your market has always been important in business. Now, in this application environment and in this economy, it is crucial.


1Password and the Mac App Store

Gabe over at [MacDrifter]( got me nervous this morning when [he posted]( that 1Password was pulled from the Mac App Store due to a sandboxing problem. Thankfully, *AgileBits’s* founder [Roustem Karimov]( cleared things up on Twitter:

> [We] just need more time to rework Dropbox access.


> Sandbox now provides everything we need. We just had some old code related to Dropbox folder access, it must be changed.

Phew. Crisis averted.

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One month of Sandboxing

Excellent write-up by Ted Landau.