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→ Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac Coming As Free Update

I am really looking forward to this update.1.

  1. An update that I never thought would actually come. 

→ Harry Marks Tears Down People who Complain about Tweetbot 3’s Purchase Price

This is Harry Marks at his best.1 I love it when he does posts like this. Even the title is great.

  1. Well, most things that Harry does are pretty good. Please do not take this to mean I have any doubts about his fiction writing, either. I am really looking forward to reading some of his stuff. 

→ Tweetbot 3 is Available Now

Tweetbot 3 is now available in the App Store1. It is a separate app from the previous version and costs $2.99.

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→ Tweebot for Mac Has Arrived

This is probably the last Twitter client that most people will ever buy and it’s now available in the Mac App Store1.

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Netbot for IOS Released (i.e. Tweetbot for

Tapbots has released a version of their Tweetbot Client for, aptly named:Netbot. It comes in both iPhone1 and iPad versions. Though I have really been enjoying Felix as an iPhone client, I think I am going switch over to Netbot.

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→ Tweetbot for Mac Beta Released

You cannot add new accounts though due to Twitter’s new API restrictions1.

  1. As The Beard says “Amazing that these developers are still trying to improve their apps and Twitter can’t release an update for their piece of s#$t app.” 

→ Tapbots has to Pull Tweetbot Alpha due to Twitter’s User Token Caps

The money quote:

The developers have tried to work with Twitter to come up with a way to have the alpha not eat up the limited amount of slots available to them, but says that Twitter has been uncooperative.


→ Tweetbot for Mac Updated

Really nice update. Little tip about the new “docking” columns from The Next Web:

If you’d like to create a large Tweetdeck-like interface that lets you move them all around at once, you’re in luck, because you can now dock the windows together. To do so, hover a window next to the right edge of the one previous and let go, they’ll snap right together. To pull a window off, move your cursor to the bottom of the rightmost timeline and grab the undocking handle, dragging it off and to the right.

The advancements in Tweetbot mean I am going to be really sad when Twitter cuts off third party clients.

→ Tweetbot for Mac – It’s Alive!

Tapbots just released the public alpha. Since it’s an alpha build, I assume there will be some rough edges, but I’m giving a shot as my primary Twitter client.