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→ Underscore Releases new Pedometer App to Show Off 5S’s M7

One question: Why did he1 not call it Step Wrangler?

  1. Side note – I will now refer to David Smith as “Underscore” on this site. 

→ David Smith Explains the new iTunes Affliate Program

David Smith gives a very straightforward explanation of how to get into Apple’s new affiliate program. Of course, I am still confused about the the program’s “privacy policy” requirements.

→ David Smith on iOS In-App Purchases

I really like David’s take and his recommendations. I would like to add one more recommendation: Remove apps with In-App purchases from the “Top Free Apps” listing. I do not care if they are listed in some new category, but they should not be listed with apps that are actually free. Being listed there just gives them a change to sucker more people into buying costly in-app purchases.

→ David Smith’s New Feed Wrangler RSS Solution is Out

The iOS looks really slick. I have a feeling his servers are getting just crushed at the moment though.

→ David Smith Announces an Upcoming RSS Syncing Service

I am keeping a close eye on this one. I have a feeling it is going to be really, really good.