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→ Gotham Producers Tease Harley Quinn for (Possibly) Next Season

I still refused to believe I’ll ever see Harley Quinn in a movie or on television.1

  1. To be specific, I mean my Harley Quinn, not the New-52 version. 

→ Underscore Releases new Pedometer App to Show Off 5S’s M7

One question: Why did he1 not call it Step Wrangler?

  1. Side note – I will now refer to David Smith as “Underscore” on this site. 

→ Engadget’s Hands-On Video with the Fitbit Flex

Okay. I want one1.

  1. I am going to wait until reviews verify it works as advertised though. 

→ Fitbit Flex wristband with Bluetooth

This looks really interesting.

→ The Verge’s Jawbone Up Review

It seems like they have made a lot of improvements. I am not sure whether or not I would put in the effort it appears is necessary to really benefit from this device though.