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→ FOX Allegedly removes FANTASTIC FOUR 2 From 2017 Schedule?

Can’t imagine why…

→ What the Fantastic Four Got Wrong (SPOILERS)

Doom in this film is not just completely not the Doom of the comics; he is also a character with no development or motivation at all, making him one of the most bland, blend-into-the-background villains in comic book movies to date – which for Doom is unforgivable.

As if I needed another reason to not watch this movie.

→ Gotham Producers Tease Harley Quinn for (Possibly) Next Season

I still refused to believe I’ll ever see Harley Quinn in a movie or on television.1

  1. To be specific, I mean my Harley Quinn, not the New-52 version. 

→ FOX Cancells Almost Human after One Season

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before:

* Fox has a decent to good Sci-Fi show;
* It airs the episodes out of order;
* Despite all the screw-ups by the network, the show is good; and
* Fox cancels the show after one season.

Do what you want Fox, but you can’t take the sky from me.

→ 24 miniseries adds Yvonne Strahovski

Casting Yvonne Strahovski is great way to get me back interested in a show I have missed multiple seasons of.1

  1. See, e.g., Dexter. 

→ FOX Renews ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Sleepy Hollow has been a pleasant surprise. I did not really expect anything, but it has turned out to be one of my favorite new shows of the season.

→ Fox’s “Early” Digital Release Schedule

The details:

  • HD Quality Movies
  • Available via iTunes1
  • Earlier than the DVD / Blu-Ray Release
  • For $15

I like it. It is not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. I have pre-ordered Prometheus2 already as a “show of support” for this new model.

  1. They are also available via that “UltraViolet” thing which I do not understand and, frankly, I do not care about. I am content staying within the Apple ecosystem for my media content. 

  2. Affiliate Link 

→ Marvel trying to get back Silver Surfer and Galactus

I would be fine with allowing Fox to make another crappy Daredevil movie if Marvel could put Silver Surfer and Galactus in the Guardians of the Galaxy and/or Avengers 2.