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→ First look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Mads Mikkelsen to play main villain

Cumberbatch looks great. I’m looking forward to this one.

→ Agent Carter Delayed Thanks To Obama

Huge bummer.

→ FOX Allegedly removes FANTASTIC FOUR 2 From 2017 Schedule?

Can’t imagine why…

→ Agent Carter Season to Premiere on January 5

I’m looking forward to this.

→ Marvel teases Civil War II in retailer mailing


→ Feige Confirms “Doctor Strange” Will Be An Origin Story

I am generally not a fan of origin stories, but I think it’s fine in this case.

→ Rachel McAdams For Doctor Strange

I know I’m a little late to the party of this, but Rachel McAdams is pretty awesome.

→ Feige escapes from Perlmutter’s rule as Marvel Studios restructures

I’ve never met either Feige or Perlmutter, but if the working relationship is as bad as reporter, it makes sense to get Feige (who has been the brains behind Marvel’s mega success in movies) away from Perlmutter.

→ What the Fantastic Four Got Wrong (SPOILERS)

Doom in this film is not just completely not the Doom of the comics; he is also a character with no development or motivation at all, making him one of the most bland, blend-into-the-background villains in comic book movies to date – which for Doom is unforgivable.

As if I needed another reason to not watch this movie.

→ Rachel McAdams’ “Doctor Strange” Quote Reveals Affinity For Gaiman’s Work

Between this and True Detective, I am becoming a big fan of Ms. McAdams.

→ Here’s Where The Marvel Movie Characters Stand, Now That Phase 2 Is Over

A good reference for people who can’t remember all of the details of the past few Marvel movies.

→ Celebrity Spotting: Marvel’s Falcon, Anthony Mackie, at the Magic Kingdom

I just think this is awesome.

→ First Promo For Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series

I’ll probably watch this (and, by “watch this”, I mean I’ll watch an episode or two and then fall way behind.)

→ Marvel’s Daredevil Casts Elektra For Season 2

Interesting. I don’t remember Ms. Yung from G.I. Joe: retaliation, but clips I’ve seen seem to show that she has the fighting moves down.

→ Disney XD Debuts Animated “Guardians of the Galaxy” Poster, Announces Airdate

I’ll definitely be adding this to my DVR.

→ OFFICIAL: Marvel Releases “All-New, All-Different” Artwork, Creative Teams – Comic Book Resources

I’m not sure which of these books I’ll subscribe to. Maybe:

  • Thor

  • Captain Marvel

  • Ms. Marvel

  • Doctor Strange

I don’t know if I’m going to read any of the new X-Men or Avengers books.

→ Tom Holland Cast As Spider-Man, Directed By John Watts

Cool. I know nothing about either one of them, though.

→ Agent Carter’s Showrunners, Tara Butters And Michele Fazekas, are the new writers on Captain Marvel

I’ve [already said] that I worry that whomever took over Captain Marvel would have to deal with tons of “Kelly Sue never would have done it that way.” I hope that people, after seeing how amazing Agent Carter was, will give Butters and Fazekas a chance.

→ Kelly Sue DeConnick Leaves Captain Marvel

There was a gasp in the room when she announced this.

Relatedly, I fear for the person who takes over the book. I think “he / she is no Kelly Sue” will be a common refrain, regardless of how good the book is.

→ Doctor Strange By Jason Aaron And Chris Bachalo To Follow Secret Wars

So there will be at least 1 Marvel title on my pull-list after Secret Wars.