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→ Marvel’s Daredevil Casts Elektra For Season 2

Interesting. I don’t remember Ms. Yung from G.I. Joe: retaliation, but clips I’ve seen seem to show that she has the fighting moves down.

→ Latino Review Reports that Jason Statham might be Bullseye

Works for me.

→ The DAREDEVIL Stories You Have to Read

If you enjoyed the television show, and want to read some of the comics, you could do worse than this listing. I especially recommend the Bendis & Maleev stuff.

→ Daredevil Fight Scenes Ranked

Speaking of Daredevil, review this list and remember how awesome this show is.

→ Daredevil Will Get A Season Two On Netflix With One Major Change

Not a surprise that Daredevil is getting a second season. It is a little bit of a surprise that they couldn’t schedule it so that same showrunner could handle the show.

→ This Intense Long Tracking Scene from the New Netflix Original Series ‘Daredevil’ is Simply Mindblowing

If you have been on the fence about watching Daredevil, take a few minutes and watch this scene. It is a signature scene from an excellent show.

→ Gaze into the eyes of The Kingpin

I really hope Daredevil isn’t terrible.

→ Deborah Ann Woll Cast as Karen Page in Marvel & Netflix’s “Daredevil”

Interesting casting choice. I do really like Deborah Ann as an actress, though it will be weird to see her if she ends up going blonde with her hair.

→ The Daredevil Netflix Series Will Be Part Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Does this really surprise anyone?

→ Drew Goddard To Write Daredevil Netflix Series

One of the minds behind the excellent Angel series sounds like a great choice to do Daredevil. I am already looking forward to it.