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→ Do a little dance, make a Master Password

A cute, little video from Jonathan Mann about how to choose a master password for 1Password on iOS or Mac.1 Of course, I still prefer another one of Jonathan’s songs to this one.

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→ Shawn Blanc on 1Password 4’s New Security Audit Feature

In 1Password 4 there is a brilliant new section called Security Audit. In the sidebar it shows you tabs for finding weak passwords, duplicate passwords, and old passwords.

Clicking on the Duplicate Passwords tab gives you a list with every single login item that has a duplicate password. If you have any items here then you can begin working your way through each account, by logging in to the site and changing your password with a new unique one and saving that into 1Password.

Woah. I was in the beta and I never even noticed this. I am going to have to do this as a weekend project.

→ 1Password 4 now available for iOS

iPassword 41 is now available in the iOS App Store. As you might expect, there has already been a ton of writing about it:

So far, I like what I see.

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→ 1Password for iOS Updated

It now includes a feature I have wanted since I first got my iPad: a “Passwords” view on iPad for all password generated on Mac or iPhone. Available in the App Store1.

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→ Be Careful when using Dropbox’s 2-Factor Authentication with 1Password

The bottom line is that I am strongly recommending that 1Password users not be early adopters of this.

Some good points that I did not consider before I enabled 2-factor authentication for Dropbox1. I hope I do not regret my decision.

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1Password and the Mac App Store

Gabe over at MacDrifter got me nervous this morning when he posted that 1Password was pulled from the Mac App Store due to a sandboxing problem. Thankfully, AgileBits’s founder Roustem Karimov cleared things up on Twitter:

[We] just need more time to rework Dropbox access.


Sandbox now provides everything we need. We just had some old code related to Dropbox folder access, it must be changed.

Phew. Crisis averted.