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Sony’s E3 2013 Press Briefing: A Stone Cold Stunner

Alex Navarro writing on *Giant Bomb*:

> Instead of just another half-enthusiastic press event, Sony came to E3 looking for a fight. Early on the tone was set for something pretty great, but by the time we hit the halfway point, it almost looked like Sony was actively mocking Microsoft’s tepid announcements and various system-related controversies. And that was before Sony actually started mocking Microsoft quite directly for all those things and then some.

As we get further away from the Sony press conference, and people start comparing it to Microsoft’s, it becomes more and more clear that Sony “won the day”.[^fn1] Whether in response to Microsoft or not, Sony’s used games policy[^fn2] and $100 lower price seem to put Sony a good bit ahead before the real race has even begun.

[^fn1]: That is, obviously, a lot different than winning this generation of consoles.

[^fn2]: “Just buy a disc.”


PlayStation 4 won’t block used games, says Sony

That is positive news for next generation consoles. I wonder if Microsoft will now fall in line.


Sony’s Playstation Event

The Verge is doing a live blog. There are rumors that the Playstation 4 will get announced.

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Gaming Girls Photoshoot

Molly McIsaac and friends get together for a geeky photoshoot about girls and gaming. Anyone who knows Ms. McIsaac knows she is about as you can get from the [fake geek girls]( that were chastised by certain parts of the internet a fews months ago.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: Of course, I would argue that there is no such thing as “fake geek girls” in the first place. I will point you to John Siracusa’s now defunct podcast [Hypercritical]( for more discussion about that.


The First Release from Bungie Aerospace

It was on June 30th of this year, that [Bungie announced its new Aerospace imprint]( Bungie Aerospace is a partnership effort between Bungie and mobile / social developers designed to allow independent mobile developers to utilize Bungie’s resource sources. Now, about 2 months after that announcement, [Bungie announced the first came from the imprint]( [Crimson: Steam Pirates]( The game runs on the iPad and promises:

>turn-based gameplay coupled with a “mystery” that, as mysteries are wont to do, needs uncovering, Crimson: Steam Pirates certainly has presentation in the bag.

Best of all? The game download is free and comes with the first 8 chapters of gameplay. The second group of eight chapters will cost $1.99.