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→ First Look at the Sony a7 II

This is my next.

The Sony A7II is Now Available for Pre-Order

The camera I am most excited about, the Sony A7 II, is now available for pre-order.1 I am putting together a longer post that includes various previews for the camera, but, if you think you may be interested in picking one of these up, you might want to pre-order now.

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→ Shooting a Chevy Commercial with a Sony A7s

SPOILER: It takes a little more than just an A7s 1.

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→ The Phoblographer’s Review of the Sony A7S

Sony’s A7s has a lot going for it. In today’s world, everyone wants amazing high ISO abilities–and the A7s delivers on this and then some. But in the method that Sony took, we dare to say that it’s too good. There comes a certain point where a still photo taken doesn’t need the have a super high ISO. However, it could totally change the way that you shoot.

This camera is still at the top of my gear lust list.

→ Mathieu Gasquet’s First Impressions of the Sony A7s

The A7s1 is currently at the top of the “Camera Bodies I am Lusting After” list. Articles like this from Gasquet do nothing to change that.

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→ Sony’s Playstation Event

The Verge is doing a live blog. There are rumors that the Playstation 4 will get announced.