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→ TimeWarner Cable Looking to bring their TWC App to Xbox 360

The “live tv” part of this is not nearly as interesting the ability to watch OnDemand programing. Being able to access that content without having to navigate through the cable box menus will make that whole experience much nicer.

→ Sony’s E3 2013 Press Briefing: A Stone Cold Stunner

Alex Navarro writing on Giant Bomb:

Instead of just another half-enthusiastic press event, Sony came to E3 looking for a fight. Early on the tone was set for something pretty great, but by the time we hit the halfway point, it almost looked like Sony was actively mocking Microsoft’s tepid announcements and various system-related controversies. And that was before Sony actually started mocking Microsoft quite directly for all those things and then some.

As we get further away from the Sony press conference, and people start comparing it to Microsoft’s, it becomes more and more clear that Sony “won the day”.1 Whether in response to Microsoft or not, Sony’s used games policy2 and $100 lower price seem to put Sony a good bit ahead before the real race has even begun.

  1. That is, obviously, a lot different than winning this generation of consoles. 

  2. “Just buy a disc.”