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→ The Verge Tries to Write an Inflamatory Piece about Time Warner Cable and the GOP

TWC lobbyist sent an email last month to Republican staffers on Capitol Hill that pointed to an announcement from NBC News about a segment designed to help viewers get the most out of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The TWC lobbyist wrote in the email: “Next time you think about helping the broadcasters — particularly the networks — read this…”

The outrage! A lobbyist trying to do his or her job. I would be surprised if all the cable companies were not doing similar things to both sides of the political aisle. Besides, there are a bunch of more terrible things that cable companies are doing.1

  1. For example, what about the pathetic upload speeds that most “home” internet plans have? 

→ CBS Blocking Its Online Content Is Unprecedented and Unfair to Customers

This is Time Warner Cable’s spin on that current CBS negotiations.1 I see no “good guys” in this fight. The networks realize they need to squeeze the cable companies because people are no longer willing to spend as much on ads, and the cable companies want to hold on to their dying business models. The whole thing is a mess.

  1. I am sure CBS has some “reasonable” explanation for its conduct. 

→ Time Warner Cable raises Internet modem fees for customers

It now costs $6 a month to “rent” a modem from Time Warner Cable for your broadband service. That is ridiculous. Anyone who has Time Warner should go buy a modem instead.

→ Apple Said to Near Time Warner Cable Deal for TV Programs

If it is just the streaming options that are available on the Roku and Xbox 360 then that’s good news, but not earth shattering. I am hoping, however, that an Apple-made set-top box is in the future for Time Warner Cable subscribers.

→ TimeWarner Cable Looking to bring their TWC App to Xbox 360

The “live tv” part of this is not nearly as interesting the ability to watch OnDemand programing. Being able to access that content without having to navigate through the cable box menus will make that whole experience much nicer.

→ The TWC TV App Will Allow You to Watch On Demand and Live Programming Outside Your Home

Really minimal channels at this point, but it is a step in the right direction. I wonder how long it will be before a Slingbox is not even necessary.

→ Time Warner Cable’s Response to Google Fiber

It is also worth pointing out that only a small fraction of our residential customers who have DOCSIS 3.0 speeds available to them actually subscribe to the product. Today, our broadband options are designed to meet almost any budget or household need

Statements like that make me worry that Time Warner’s “Google-Fiber-Like” option will simply be unaffordable to average consumers. One of the compelling things about Google fire is that customers get 1 GBps of service for just $70 a month. I have very strong doubts that Time Warner will offer something that.

→ Time Warner Cable bids to provide high-speed broadband in the Triangle – Triangle Business Journal

I am glad that Time Warner Cable made a bid to provide such a service, but I really question whether or not they would offer it at prices similar to Google Fiber1

  1. Currently, Google offers 1Gbps (yes, Gbps) for $70 a month