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→ Apple Said to Near Time Warner Cable Deal for TV Programs

If it is just the streaming options that are available on the Roku and Xbox 360 then that’s good news, but not earth shattering. I am hoping, however, that an Apple-made set-top box is in the future for Time Warner Cable subscribers.

→ HBO Go, WatchESPN coming to Apple TV

Currently, it makes sense for content providers like HBO and ESPN to make these online services available in as many places as possible. Unfortunately, it does not make sense for them to offer the services without a cable subscription. The economics at this point just do not work out.

iTunes 11 Appears to Work Fine with First Generation AppleTV

One worry I had about upgrading to iTunes 11 was whether or not it would be compatible with my First Generation AppleTV1. I posted the question on the Apple Support Communites and The Apple Stackexchange Site but did not receive any answers that made me particularly comfortable. A recent posting by John Gruber at Daring Fireball, however, mentioned that “[c]learly, in its heart, under the hood, this is still the same iTunes.” Though I assume that Mr. Gruber meant this figuratively, it gave me enough hope to try testing it on my own.

I first used a computer that was not my primary AppleTV sync computer2. I upgraded that computer to iTunes 11 and then changed my AppleTV to sync to that computer3. I did some basic tests, including syncing over a recently purchased copy of Brave4, verifying that copy plays, and then experimenting with streaming various other movies and music from my computer to the AppleTV. I ran into no issues. With this testing under my belt, I decided to try and upgrade my primary syncing computer. I performed the iTunes 11 upgrade and then re-configured my AppleTV to talk to my primary syncing computer. Things seemed to work.

I have not had enough time to compare the syncing and/or the streaming performance of iTunes 11 with previous versions of iTunes, but early indications are that performance is a little bit better under this latest iTunes version5.

A couple of caveats with my setup: (1) my AppleTV is not jailbroken, hacked, unlocked, modified, etc…, and (2) I did do a complete factory restore of my AppleTV about 2 months. I am not sure how much either of these factors contributes to iTunes 11 working with my system.

Though I cannot promise that iTunes 11 will work with your first generation AppleTV, I can at least give you this single piece of anecdotal evidence that it is possible that a first generation AppleTV will work with iTunes 11. Now, I just have to cross my fingers that it continues to work with future updates6

  1. I know, I know…but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right? 

  2. For those of you who cannot remember, the first generation AppleTV had a hard drive that allowed you to sync a subset of your iTunes content to it. The newer AppleTV devices are 100% streaming. 

  3. ASIDE: iTunes 11 does work with OS X Lion. It does not require Mountain Lion. I am not sure, however, if it works with Snow Leopard. 

  4. Affiliate Link 

  5. I am not alone in that opinion 

  6. Or that I get a newer AppleTV for Christmas. 

→ Why Did Hulu Plus Make the Move to AppleTV Now?

The arrival of AirPlay in Mountain Lion last week meant that Mac users could start watching content from Hulu’s free website on their large-screen TVs without paying a monthly bill. That’s not something Hulu’s owners — Disney/ABC, Comcast/NBC, and News Corp./Fox — or their partners could long abide.

I think Philip Elmer-Dewitt nailed it.

→ Hulu Plus on AppleTV

Moving AppleTV closer and closer to the only device you need if you’re a “cord cutter”.

(via The Loop)