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→ Simmons to leave ESPN in September

Not shocking, but still surprising. (Wait, can that be a thing?) I am looking forward to seeing where he ends up, though.

→ The Reigns/Lesnar Hype Battle Spilled Over To SportsNation

Great little segment. I especially thought Beadle was awesome during it.

→ Keith Olbermann Will Return to ESPN

 On his new show, Olbermann will be free to discuss matters other than sports, including pop culture and current events, but not politics, the two-year pact specifies.

Why not politics? I am sure it has nothing to do with back-to-back failed shows of him talking about politics.

→ HBO Go, WatchESPN coming to Apple TV

Currently, it makes sense for content providers like HBO and ESPN to make these online services available in as many places as possible. Unfortunately, it does not make sense for them to offer the services without a cable subscription. The economics at this point just do not work out.

→ ESPN’s 30 for 30 “Coming Soon” to Netflix Instant

These are great. I might just set the Red Sox one from their 2004 World Series win on a loop when I am not watching anything.