Raleigh / Durham on the List of Potential New Google Fiber Cities

Having Google Fiber in the Triangle would be huge. At a minimum, it would put a lot more pressure on Time Warner Cable[^f4705] to upgrade their speeds, lower prices, etc..

[^f4705]: Who might have been bought by Comcast by the time Google Fiber rolls out.


Time Warner Cable’s Response to Google Fiber

> It is also worth pointing out that only a small fraction of our residential customers who have DOCSIS 3.0 speeds available to them actually subscribe to the product. Today, our broadband options are designed to meet almost any budget or household need

Statements like that make me worry that Time Warner’s “Google-Fiber-Like” option will simply be unaffordable to average consumers. One of the compelling things about Google fire is that customers get 1 GBps of service for just $70 a month. I have very strong doubts that Time Warner will offer something that.