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→ Raleigh / Durham on the List of Potential New Google Fiber Cities

Having Google Fiber in the Triangle would be huge. At a minimum, it would put a lot more pressure on Time Warner Cable1 to upgrade their speeds, lower prices, etc..

  1. Who might have been bought by Comcast by the time Google Fiber rolls out. 

→ New “Do Not Link” Service For Troll and Spam Blogs

Great tip from Gabe Weatherhead over at MacDrifter about the new Do Not Link service:1

You can easily use the service by appending the target URL as follows:

  1. The purpose of the service is to allow you to link to a website without helping that website's “Google Juice.” 

→ Google hosts fundraiser for Non-Liberal US senator

I love it when liberals get snippy when someone1 does not follow the liberal dogma.2

  1. Or some company. 

  2. Especially when it is something like global warming / “climate change”, which is having problems of it own 

→ Time Warner Cable’s Response to Google Fiber

It is also worth pointing out that only a small fraction of our residential customers who have DOCSIS 3.0 speeds available to them actually subscribe to the product. Today, our broadband options are designed to meet almost any budget or household need

Statements like that make me worry that Time Warner’s “Google-Fiber-Like” option will simply be unaffordable to average consumers. One of the compelling things about Google fire is that customers get 1 GBps of service for just $70 a month. I have very strong doubts that Time Warner will offer something that.

Hot in Fever – Google Reader Closing on July 1, 2013

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Google Reader Closing on July 1, 2013

No one should be surprised that Google’s announcement that they were shutting down Google Reader would be at the top of my Fever instance. Though I am sure this will cause some inconvenience to people, I agree with Marco Arment that it is a positive thing in the long run. For example, I already have my eye on David Smith’s just announced syncing solution.

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→ Wirecutter’s Review of the new Google Chromebook Pixel Laptop

Google just announced its first premium Chromebook, the Chromebook Pixel. It’s gorgeous. Unfortunately, it’s so expensive that I can’t think of a single person who should get one.


Hot in Fever – Google Maps for iOS Released

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Google Maps for iOS Released

The day people who have upgrade to iOS 6 have been waiting for has finally arrived!1

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  1. Okay, that might be a littler hyperbolic. 

→ Tip for Nik Customers

It might be good time to transfer your customer information to Google:

Going forward, Google would like to provide you high-touch technical support for the Nik Software products. In order to be able to do this Google needs to receive the information that Nik Software has about you and your past software purchases such as your name, email address, purchase history, and any other interactions you have had with Nik Software. We ask for your agreement to transfer this data from Nik Software to Google Inc. This data will be used by Google for the purpose of providing you high-touch technical support for Nik Software products if you request such support. The data that is transferred to Google will be subject to the Google Privacy Policy.

The deadline is December 7th and you can make the transfer on Nik’s website.

→ Comparing Siri and Google

Really interesting comparison. I will not spoil the outcome.

Hot in Fever – Google Unveils New Nexus Lineup

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Google Unveils New Nexus Lineup

Google announced a new lineup of Nexus products today. Part of me still wonders if I would use a Nexus 7 some, though I imagine I would get more use out of an iPad mini.

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→ Google to boycott French media sites if country passes law requiring search engines to pay for news content

So ridiculous. I hope France passes the law and I hope Google just drops all French publications from their search results. It would be another solid lesson on the “law of unintended consequences.”

→ FTC Looking into Google for Antitrust Violations

Just a FYI for now, since I have only started to look into this. It will be interesting to see how things are reported concerning this, and how those reports differ from what any filings actually say.

→ Google Says They Will Continue to Offer Nik Software Plugins

Google’s Senior VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra:

I also want to make something clear: we’re going to continue offering and improving Nik’s high-end tools and plug-ins. Professionals across the globe use Nik to create the perfect moment in their photographs, and we care deeply about their artistry.”

I hope this is the case, but I will probably wait a decent amount of time before buying any new Nik plugins.

Currently Hot in my Fever – All Apple and Google Maps All the Time

Currently hot in my Fever instance – All Apple and Google Maps All the Time1

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  1. The first 5 hot blocks are all related to Apple and Google Maps 

Currently Hot in my Fever – Google chairman confirms no new iOS Maps app is waiting in the wings

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Google chairman confirms no new iOS Maps app is waiting in the wings

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→ Trey Ratcliff on Google buying Nik

Pretty much all serious photographers know about Nik Software. They make many many different products! For example, there is a very fun “Color Efex Pro” that is like Instagram on designer-steroids. They also make “Silver Efex Pro” where they analyzed the Black & White processing techniques of the Old Masters and put them all into this easy-to-use product. And one of their recent releases is a very competent HDR processing package called “HDR Efex Pro.” How each of these products will show up within the Google infrastructure is a mystery, but I bet those guys will figure out something cool.

I hope Mr. Ratcliff is right and that I am wrong. I fear that in the next 3-to-6 months, we might get announcement that Nik will no longer be supporting its image editing plugins.

→ Google Acquires Nik Software

The key asset in the deal appears to be Nik’s iOS photo app Snapseed1. My main concern, however, is what does this mean for the future of Nik’s professional-level plugins for Apeture and Lightroom? If Google starts killing off these plugins, today could be remembered as a very dark day for photo processing software.

  1. Affiliate Link. 

→ Google Becomes More Useful

Finally. I hated having to go to some other website for my “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” info.

→ Java to Objective-C Conveter

I might not develop an iOS application using this, but it could be helpful for experienced Java programmers using Objective-C for the first time1.

  1. I think it would be similar to learning HTML by doing something in the Dreamweaver GUI and then seeing what HTML the program writes in the “source view.” 

→ Google Releases a YouTube IPhone App

This has seemed inevitable since Apple announced the YouTube app would not be part of iOS6. Next up: iPad app.