A new Google Maps app for smartphones and tablets

Since I use Google Maps as my primary maps application, I am really looking forward to this.

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Macworld’s Review of Google Maps for iOS

Dan Moren:

> Google Maps is a very solid entry in mapping and navigation apps; those that have been waiting for it since upgrading (or holding off their upgrades) have probably already downloaded it. But given that it’s a free app, having it on your phone costs nothing but its slim 7MB download.

I have moved all of my navigation over to Google Maps. I used it extensively on my trip to Florida and never ran into any issues. The traffic and “estimated time” information seems to be the best I have ever used. Also, the voice navigation is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else I have heard. I am not wedded to using this app forever, but at the moment, it is far and away my preferred navigation app.

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Hot in Fever – Google Maps for iOS Released

Currently hot in my [Fever]( instance – **Google Maps for iOS Released**

The day people who have upgrade to iOS 6 have been waiting for has finally arrived![^fn1]

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[^fn1]: Okay, that *might* be a littler hyperbolic.