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→ Craft Beer Modernization Bill Filed in NC Legislature

If NC doesn’t do it, another state will. Might as well keep NC as a great place for craft beer.

→ North Carolina high school student banned from golf team for getting through school too quickly

This is NCAA levels of stupid. The North Carolina high school athletics commission should be ashamed.

→ Beer lover? “Hop on” this craft brew hotel experience

If they made one of these in Asheville it would already be booked for the next 3 years.

→ Ed Mitchell’s Que moving into Morgan Street Food Hall

Interesting. There is also the rumored Brier Creek location (which I’m not sure has a time frame?). I hope they end up manging this one better than the last. The menu change they made was terrible.

→ Kentucky, North Carolina alumni put on a show

This sounds so cool. I wish I could have gone.

→ Celebrate the Art of Craft Beer

A cool guest post by Landon Biehl on NC Beer Guy discussing some of the reasons why people like craft beer. I admit, I am kind of a craft beer guy.

→ NC craft beer industry now tops in the South

The [original estimate 300 new job created by the craft beer industry] was off by 2,700 jobs. And that’s just the number working in North Carolina’s 132 craft breweries. If you add related jobs, including servers, delivery truck drivers, beer shop cashiers and hop and barley growers, Erik Lars Myers, president of the N.C. Craft Brewers Guild, says the number is closer to 10,000.

If you love craft beer, you really can’t do better than what we have in North Carolina.

→ Rise plans to open north Raleigh location

I think donuts and biscuits from Rise are delicious. I go there rarely, however, because the ordering experience (lines, structure of the queue, etc..) is horrific. I hope they fix that in this new location.

→ Raleigh Beer Garden and its 366 taps, now open

366 taps of beer on the wall, 366 taps of beer, take one down, pass it around…

→ Natty Greene’s closing Raleigh location

Bummer. I like that place.

→ Why Brewgaloo is Great for North Carolina

I think Elyssa and I are going to check this out this weekend.

→ DBAP to start brewing own beer

I’m up for having a nice “Lollygagger” while I’m at the game.

→ Two Toasters Tapped To Develop WishClouds New Shopping App

Congratulations to a local, Durham developer for being involved with such a highly publicized app. I always like hearing about local companies like Two Toasters doing well.

→ Raleigh / Durham on the List of Potential New Google Fiber Cities

Having Google Fiber in the Triangle would be huge. At a minimum, it would put a lot more pressure on Time Warner Cable1 to upgrade their speeds, lower prices, etc..

  1. Who might have been bought by Comcast by the time Google Fiber rolls out. 

→ Zinburger at SouthPoint in Durham Close to Opening

Their website now says the new location will be open on December 10th.

→ Raleigh renews contract for traffic cameras

Sigh. I was hoping they would get rid of these stupid things.

→ UNC Health Care didn’t take patient appointments immediately before and during North Carolina’s game Thursday night

This is a complete non-story that is getting ridiculously blown out of proportion. There was no way people could have easily gotten to appointments on Thursday, the hospital knew this a year ago and scheduled accordingly. It’s ridiculous how quickly people will try to jump on any sniff of a rumor about college sports and their importance at universities.

→ At NC State Fair, vendors push food boundaries

Some of this stuff is just insane:

Over in the Commercial Building, David Booth theorized that a good food vendor needs to keep the old while pushing boundaries. This year he and his wife deployed double-decker caramel apples dipped in chocolate, covered in candy and topped by a Hostess Ding Dong cake.


“Something’s drawing me in – I don’t know what,” Harrison said, waiting to order one of this year’s best-publicized treats. Then he slapped down his $7 for an oozing, cheesy sloppy joe on a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut.

That sounds…umm…I do not even know what to say.

→ McCrory Calls Federal Election Lawsuit ‘In The Fringes’

Barry Smith, writing at the Carolina Journal:

Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday struck back at the federal government, saying the U.S. Department of Justice was “working in the fringes.” McCrory, a Republican, said the state would defend the lawsuit filed by the Democratic administration of President Barack Obama against the state’s new election laws vigorously.

“I believe that North Carolina is in the mainstream on this issue and it’s the Justice Department that’s working in the fringes,” McCrory said during a press briefing in Raleigh. McCrory made a statement and took no questions. The state has hired private legal representation to defend the lawsuit.

The Left continues to have hissy-fits because it lost almost all control in North Carolina1, and this is the latest move to try to paint North Carolina Republicans as far-right loons. Thankfully, I think the people of North Carolina are smart enough to realize just what kind of game Holder and the Justice Department are playing.

  1. After running it into the ground for years. 

→ Obamacare Expected To Cause 80-Percent Spike to Average Individual Premiums in North Carolina

I am one of the people who got the “substantial increase” notifications.1 I am not at all surprised, since I have thought this law was a disaster from the start.

  1. As, I am sure, a number of young, healthy professionals did. Which, of course, makes it all the more ridiculous that they threw their support behind Obama in the election.