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DBAP to start brewing own beer

I’m up for having a nice “Lollygagger” while I’m at the game.


Durham Bulls unveil ‘Game of Thrones’ theme jerseys and they’re fantastic

They do look awesome. Elyssa and I might have to check this game out.


DBAP Food Truck Fest Coming on July 10

This looks like it could be fun.


Durham Bulls Tickets for 5 Dollars

LivingSocial is running a [special on Durham Bulls tickets]([^f3750], where Thursday home game tickets[^ff2] are only $5.

I like going to Thursday games since those are also $1 hot dog and $1 popcorn nights. It means you can go to a game, and have dinner, for about $10[^f4113].

[^ff2]: Unsurprisingly, their promotion does not cover the 4th of July.

[^f4113]: Unless you’re the type who eats 5-6 hotdogs.

[^f3750]: Affiliate Link (the LivingSocial kind where I get my original purchase for free if multiple people purchase the special) (The post link is also the same affiliate link.)